Friday, 13 October 2017

Making more game aids!

Just a quick image dump of the latest gaming aid I knocked up. I realised that if I ever play as the overlord/sith in Descent/Imperial Assault I may wish to have my own player dock so I knocked this up during the week:
It will hold 6 cards which should be pretty much all you need at one time, my only issue is the need to read the back of cards, so sliding them in and out could be annoying but I don't think that will be a huge issue.
I'm still working on deck holders that don't require plastic adhesives but I may have to just buy them from raptor... 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Spreading Yourself Thin: How Many is Too Many?

Hi All,

Just hoping to start a little discussion on here with regards to something that has been on my mind recently.
The summer holidays, for me, are one of those times where I always intend to organise a few days to get some of my many games to the table.
As we're rapidly approaching the end of said holidays and I've almost entirely failed to do that, coupled with trying to arrange days with my other (primarily RPG based these days) group, while also trying to figure out days/evenings to play some of my many miniatures games and also pondering trying to arrange some days to get specific board games to the table, and all the other 'real adult life' things, I'm starting to wonder how I'm ever going to fit all of it in. 
Not taking into account my board games or RPGs, the list of games in currently invested in stands at:

Warhammer 30k
Warhammer 40k.
Kings of War
Guild Ball
Dark Age
Batman Miniatures Game
DC/Marvel Universe Miniatures Game
Star Wars: Destiny
SW: X-Wing
SW: Armada

It gets even more frightening when you start breaking it down further, as its not even as if its one army/crew/gang/team/deck etc. per game system. Its multiples for each one.

At what point am i going to be able to give all of these games a fair crack of the whip?

Time and again I'm asking myself: Is it time to start trimming some fat? Just rip off the plaster and reduce the list down to a more manageable number of systems? Can you even bring yourself to do it?
None of these are bad games. How can you decide which go and which stay?

Anyone else finding themselves in the same boat?

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Jumping in the deep end.

Just a quick photo update to show my set up for my first attempt at filming some painting videos. It is a lot harder setting up the camera than when filming reviews or play throughs!
I decided that it made most sense to just film the painting process, then do the intros and voice overs later if the footage is usable. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

The beginning of the end...

It has come time to finally take the final step and take my Descent to the final level of awesome. Add paint!
But before I could start I needed to do two things...

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Thinking about birthdays

Just a quick post to say I have added a link list on the right for people who are so inclined to add their list of their games collections and wish lists to hopefully help with some ofd the present buying in the future. I know not everyone has a BGG account with a list and such but for those that do it would be cool to have a way of sharing them with others. If you want to add your list just email me the link and I canned it on. 

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far and looking forward to (finally) playing Nic's Imperial Assault this week! I may even like it enough to buy my own copy now that I have made some space in my games cupboard (I don't suppose any one fancies buying a copy of Black Plague...)

Friday, 21 July 2017

Playing new and old games

Rob and I got some games in at the Missing Geek last Saturday. Two new and one old favourite.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Getting in some games of 40k 8th ed

So after a our launch day experiments I got Alan over for a 65 power level game of  Blood Angels vs Dark Angels.