Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Buying cars!

Just a quick image of the cars I picked up today at the Entertainer:
Yes that's right the one at the front is the Batmobile!
Other than the van at the back they were £1 - £1.50 each (Van was £3.50, but I wanted something chunkier!) and they have an even better deal that I hadn't seen until after I bought these which was random-ish packs of 5 for £6.60. All I need now are a few hours, some plastic card, lots of old 40k bits, super glue and some paint, then I shall have enough models for a full themed play test.

PS these aren't 1:64 scale, I think they are 1:50-ish so may have to change that in the rules but we'll work it out as we go!

Monday, 28 November 2016

It happened!

2nd edition of Vast: The Crystal Caverns now on Kickstarter


I think they've undersold the importance of the rules changes a bit and gone for the "oooh look new minis and roles and stuff" factor. Especially with this heavily debatable sentence!

"We listened to your suggestions and made the second-printing rulebook and aids even better."

Still, it's good news and tempting stuff...

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Further adventures in sleeving.

Just a quick post to bring a sad/happy story of my adventures in sleeving! I bought over 2000 sleeves for protecting the my card and dice treasures and this time I invested in Ultimate Guard as they have always been great to us at Essen. So I was really disappointed when four of the packs of standard sleeves were the wrong size (too big, small and unsealed!). I managed to find uses for most but ended up with two packs I just couldn't use so will get a refund from Dark Sphere, but I also sent a message to Ultimate Guard to tell them of the issue and explain that for the last four years were as a group had really valued their brand due to the service at Essen and quality of product. Well, two weeks went by and no reply which wasn't wholly unexpected but disappointing, then came a very apologetic email from Lukas at Ultimate Guard saying they were really upset that the products had been so bad and that they hadn't replied that they wanted to send me replacement sleeves and a free product. So of course I was really grateful and asked for some standard deck boxes or (being really cheeky) this:
Add caption
And they only went and sent me one! How awesome, given that they could have just sent the standard 'we're so sorry' message. The moral of the story is always tell the manufacturer as well as the store and you might just get a double benefit!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Creating Engines, Upgrades and names.

A quick image dump for the first batch of Engines and upgrade cards for those that may wish to start making up some cars.

Oh and the working title for the game is Cult Cars of The Apocalypse!

Missions and an example car

Here are the three main missions I came up with and an example of the way a car would be plaid out.

This is a pretty beefy car as it would use up 17 of the Cult's available 30 AZ, that said drop the mines and Armour and you have a pretty quick and nimble gun truck at only 10 AZ, but it would take damage pretty quickly!

Friday, 25 November 2016

Creating a Car Game

Whilst over Will's at the weekend he mentioned a desire to play a skirmish game with Mad Max-esque car models, probably made from match box cars converted up and painted. Having looked at those available he had found that none of them played the way, without grids etc. So I started thinking about creating a rules set and here is my first set of notes. Let me know if it sounds like something you could get behind and I will start mocking up the cards.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Channel Artwork

So just a quick post to show what I have been fiddling with to keep my digital skills from getting super rusty.
Special prize at CrimboCon for the person who makes the best word from those letters!

This is the banner design for the ELF Geek Network, what I hope will be the home for any video and audio content we may create as a group geeks. The idea is it will give each person their own branded meeple for any content they create. I may have missed some people or people may not get/like their theme... feel free to make your own and send it to me.

Anyway, step one complete!
PS Yes Will your colour is taken from House Greyjoys coat of arms!

Monday, 7 November 2016

Going through my gaming cupboard.

As part of putting together ideas and designs for the ELF Geek Network (more on this another time) I decided I should get together an accurate catalogue of the games I own (so this doesn't include the games I'm storing for others!) and if you had asked me to guess the number of games I would have been way under. But that doesn't mean Amanda has a point when she says I have too many! 

Organising old trading cards!

Having done lots of reorganising due to Raef's arrival I found all my old trading cards from my teenage years. So I thought it was about time I organised them properly!
Not only Spidey, not only my favourite artist Mark Bagley but most of the make up a 3x3 picture!


Mainly an image dump but another three quests down for Trenloe and Master Thorn (mainly Trenloe due to Thorn being useless!).
Yep that's right, I got knocked over in the first round...

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Putting together Guildball models.

Just an image to show what I put together today. Hopefully get them undercoated tomorrow as the weather should finally be okay to spray out side!
Until 25th November I'm up to date with the Butchers! Just need to paint them.