Sunday, 30 August 2015

Playing games on a Saturday Part 2

After a little break we broke out a new purchase, Spectre Ops:
The board is a grid which the Agent will secretly use to move around the board.
The Agent uses this sheet to mark their movement, in my case I was using Blue Jay who can activate objectives from two spaces away and create a decoy once per game to make the Hunters think they have seen her. Rob had the Beast (Werewolf) and the Puppet (Android) giving him a quick, meaty hunter and one which allows him to move his car remotely which is really useful.
I won the first game by the skin of my teeth as I had unlocked all three objectives without Rob ever seeing me but he then cornered me and but for an unlucky roll to wound Rob would have taken away my last wound just as I was one more turn from victory.
The second game went very differently as Rob was revealed very early and started to take wounds as I thought it might end in a really quick game but he gave me the slip and it took me too long to work out where he was so he got all three objectives before I could corner him near the exit and put his Agent down. Again a very close game.
I really like Spectre Ops and think it will really shine at one Agent player and three Hunter players as the Hunters will probably start to bicker a bit mid game which should be amusing. I'll do a full review once I've tried it out.

Then came some Crokinole with Rob and Amanda, the honours were fairly evenly shared and as always we continue to make up house rules.
Finally some Sushi Go! We introduced Amanda to this and as you can see from the score card she beat us both both each time! I think I may be required to buy a copy as Amanda really enjoyed it.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Playing games on a Saturday Part 1

Rob and I have been going through Mice and Mystics chapters 7 and 8. We were playing a party made up of Colin, Filch, Lily and Tilda. 

A really fun Chapter that expands randomly like Descent first edition used to.
At this point we were feeling super cocky
We had chapter 7 over a barrel with only a couple of roaches left to kill with three spare pages left before we managed to get super greedy and try to level up and search rather than just finish meaning that we triggered both the win and lose criteria with the last attack! We called it a win but we had to lose all the equipment and skills we had achieved.

From a quick small chapter to a large one! We had to travel through the entire castle to save the King!
Chapter 8 saw us taking our mission a lot more seriously so we made sure that we collected every special item we could as the game progressed and this was the chapter where all your achievements from the early games could help you out so when we hit what felt like half way because we had the Miz Maggie ally from Chapter 3 we get her help to sneak into the King's chamber  rather than have to fight our way in through two more tiles! Unfortunately we hadn't claimed Vinestra's hair brush previously so couldn't transform the king and sneak him out but we did manage to cure him so at least we completed the chapter. 

A quick break then off to play more games.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Playing Kings of War

Rich and I have been threatening to try out the full Kings of War seconded edition so yesterday we had a couple of games of Ogres vs Undead. It was a good example of how the rules can be used to proxy WFB armies as Rich was playing his Tomb Kings models as Vampire counts type models so that he could use his chariots and Ushabti but with the rules for cavalry and Zombie trolls. 
2,000 points of Ogres! I have high hopes of getting them all finished before the end of  September.

Monday, 17 August 2015


Morning Elfers,

Thought i'd give you a mini recap on my one-off return to the big time MTG stage at GP London this past Saturday.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Enjoying absolutely awesome stuff!

Short and sweet post to say I have found two absolutely awesome things today. First up is FFg's Forbidden Stars. Will, Lee and I gave it two runs through and I freaking loved it! If you are like me and love the 40k background but are slowly dying inside as GW strangle the miniature game to death then this is the game for you. Each army plays very differently but without tons of extra rules, the board, armies and warp storms make every game different and it has just the right down time. So check it out as you will not be disappointed. (More detailed review to come)

Here is the other thing:
That's right crunch-monkeys, Dwarves metal coins!
I got my kickstarted metal coins and they are so good I want to play a game right away! All I need now is my other Kickstarted product (a chest to hold them) and I am in game bling heaven!
Until next time love-sponges!

Friday, 14 August 2015

I'm back

Well after a small hiatus, I am back for a bit. It turns out a small child really does turn your life upside down.
Hopefully I will see some of you guys at the bbq tomorrow but for those who won't be there and for those who will and want a head start I have a weird question.

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in an ongoing project which may well be coming to an exciting head in the next few months.
So as well seasoned players of all sorts of games what do you want from a games shop/gaming venue?

Obviously there are the givens of accessibility, knowledgeable friendly but not pushy staff and cool toys but ....

Is it that we just want cheep product? Or do you want somewhere to play? Does food and drink in a venue matter to you guys? How big is right? Intimate with 10 tables or huge with 100 tables?


Friday, 7 August 2015

Painting Ogres Part 3

As predicted I haven't finished the Ogres by today (distractions such as series one of Gotham haven't helped, though they are enjoyable). Here is how far I have got.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Painting Ogres Part 2A

It turns out that I'm even slow at painting models simple base colours! Thus I realised yesterday that I wasn't going to finish by Friday (I seem to keep developing a pain in my right shoulder blade if I start painting sat in the wrong position which hasn't helped!). Still I have made some progress so here it is.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Ogre painting part 1a (Update)

With my Goblins undercoated I have embarked upon my four day challenge to get the whole army painted by Friday night! Where to start was a hard choice but I thought it best to go with the metal first as there was no clear single colour across the army and I still need to work out cloth colours extra once I have the skin on. Plus it always seems easier to touch up metal areas later on. I'll update again a few hours!

Monday, 3 August 2015

Constructing Goblins!

A quick post to show what I spent today doing. Putting together Goblins for my Ogre army:
Sorry that they are all black but I inly just undercoated them