Sunday, 16 August 2015

Enjoying absolutely awesome stuff!

Short and sweet post to say I have found two absolutely awesome things today. First up is FFg's Forbidden Stars. Will, Lee and I gave it two runs through and I freaking loved it! If you are like me and love the 40k background but are slowly dying inside as GW strangle the miniature game to death then this is the game for you. Each army plays very differently but without tons of extra rules, the board, armies and warp storms make every game different and it has just the right down time. So check it out as you will not be disappointed. (More detailed review to come)

Here is the other thing:
That's right crunch-monkeys, Dwarves metal coins!
I got my kickstarted metal coins and they are so good I want to play a game right away! All I need now is my other Kickstarted product (a chest to hold them) and I am in game bling heaven!
Until next time love-sponges!

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