Sunday, 29 June 2014

Thinking about tactical objective cards.

Whilst out shopping yesterday I picked up a copy of the Ork datacards which contain a copy of the tactical objective cards. This lead to me pondering how how they could be used beyond the missions found in The Rules book as my experiences with them sow far have been mixed

Friday, 27 June 2014

Musing over the Ork Codx

Well the codex was released on ITunes at midnight and was waiting for me when I got home so here's a few musings I've found giving it a brief perusal.

Ghazkul is now a little abusable, if you take a green horde formation, throw in old Ghaz after the first turn he can call a Waaaugh every turn making all troops  fearless, fleet, Hamer of wrath on a 10+ charge with rerolls, allowing mega armour to run/fleet and making his save 2+ inv. probably not play tested much with this combo, but drastically changes a foot slogger army and makes him hideous.Throw in a Warbiss with Headeoppas Kill choppa(instant death, rending, decapitating +2 strength choppa) and you have a very nasty pair of Killy boss'.

Kills Kans are less useful although how avaiable in units if up t6 to make up for there being way too many options to take in HS.

Lootas now having dedicated transports cool, and 5 vehicle Scorcha squads who outflank can be interesting.

Painboys being a whopping 50 pts and taking up a HQ choice instead of a Nob upgrade sucks.  Meks being able to be bought at 15 pts as a add on to a unit per HQ choice is interesting, giving access to kill saws and  s8 ap2 pistols.

The Mob rule is overly complicated. Weird boys get Force weapons and access to chaos summoning powers is odd but good for a conversion or three(orkified great unclean one....ork the orc idol being used as a stand in for a GreTer Deamon).

You'll see some very odd things soon, Big Meks can take a war bike with a Shokk attack gun and a git finder.

Over all I can't see me buying a Morkanaught except for a laugh with a stompa, it's too expensive and Orks work soo much better as foot slogger a now.

Now to make my army with  270 grots(9 units of 30, all legal and contesting/scoring using the organisation chart)

Monday, 16 June 2014

Mulling over gamer kleptomania!

So first a quick correction, it's not really about kleptomainia but the need to be a completest. Kleptomainia just ryhmed so well!

I was thinking about the way gamers always seem to 'need' to buy the next or latest thing and just have to keep hold of things for the sake of completism and it made me wonder why?

Over the weekend I took the time to go through my piles of books and games/audio cds to see what I could get for them as trade-ins on Amazon etc. Overall I netted around £130 all told for stuff which was just taking up room but it was hard to break up collections until I stopped to think of when was the last time I even considered using the stuff.

My most obvious completest projects were Descent 1st edition and 40k codices. Both of which I have cracked down on over the years and now have a far odder complusion. The need to have all the board games I hear about being good. It seems odd, I know, but to me it's the same problem. I see all these games and I really want to own them, even if I have access to a copy at someone else's place! It's almost as if I just want to look at all the games in the cupboard and bask in the glory of all the potential gaming fun!

So what's your gaming completest itch?

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Quick Hit : Orks & Release Schedules

I've just this minute realised that, despite the big flashy new ork kit being out tomorrow. The codex isnt. In what world does that make ANY SENSE!?