Monday, 28 April 2014

Monday Models!

I've spent quite a bit of time over the last week modelling up my Ogres and as you will see some of them need quite a lot of attention to make them work.

Mulling over the weekly release schedule

Having seen the new Wood Elf models this weekend (like the basic treeman, not sure about the other two and not sold on the wardancer sculpts at all) I starting thimking about how impressed I have been with GW's use of the weekly release schedule to avoid having those lulls in my interest for their games. Rather than have effectively a whole month or two of stale releases they can now ship out things like the Wood Elves over two weeks and avoid bad sales weekends (like Easter weekend) by releasing a set of tools without dropping a whole month on it. I will hold my hand up and say I was sceptical when I first heard about the weekly White Dwarf but congrats to GW for using it to create a far more dynamic way of selling thier products.

PS I was thinking that the special character Treeman could be converted into a pretty cool looking Avatar for my eventual Eldar army!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Mulling over modelling motivations!

Having taken advantage of the Easter break to clear a few of my miniature projects off the desk and into the cabinet or figure case (quite the cathartic exercise needed for the Spring Cleaning time of year) I came to a realisation: I've become a bit of a lazy modeller.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Finishing models!

So just a quick picture update to show you the models I have finished so far this holiday. Oh, and to say again how amazing the transformation is when you use Army painter Quickshade!

Rich's Thursday Ramble - Double Tap with my Blog Gun!


Had a couple of hobby posts id meant to get around to posting this week but figured as its thursday i might as well thrash them both out and rapid fire them at yous!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Modelling priests.

A quick post to show two new additions to my army.

Two priests for my Guard!
I was rummaging through the bits boxes and realised that I had left over Flagellant models which will make great Priests with a few 40k add ons. I really like the idea of a priest with a scythe! I'll get them painted asap.

mulling over new lists.

Apologies for the lack of real article last week but the Descent post was a big one so I felt it  could count for my weekly post. I've had a great weekend of gaming starting with a Friday Fantasy Fistfight at Rich's when my Ogres took on the dread Tomb Kings. Then came Salute at the Excel where I picked up a new Guard codex (we'll get into the name problem later). 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Modifications complete

Hi guys,
I finished this a little while back but have only just gotten 5mins to upload a pic. Enjoy

Friday, 11 April 2014

Rich's Belated Thursday Ramble - Quick Hit - GW.COM

Howdy Folks!

Just a quick one this week. As youve probably noticed GW have updated their website. Sorry, thats, webSTORE.

Im all for the new clean design, and i quite like the new menu that lets you filter between quite a few different areas at once. But where are the articles? where are the FAQs? I had to actually go looking for the 'whats new today' page as its hidden away at the bottom of the front page. This is no longer a website, its purely a webstore.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Dungeon delving!

Saturday 5th April saw international tabletop day and (by a lucky coincidence) we had already organised a day of tabletop fun! So we went delving into the deadly dungeons of Descent 2nd edition and boy did we have some fun!

So we had planned to complete the intro and one act 1 quest but as it turns out once you know the rules you can crank through quite a lots of encounters! Here are the images of the  games:

Our story begins with two adventurers stumbling across an Ettin attack on the city of Arhrynn.
The Goblins rush towards the objective as Trenloe the Strong and Laurel of Bloodwood move to defeat Mauler the Ettin.
Only one Goblin reinforcement arrives per turn and Mauler is taking a beating...
...and sadly bites it due to not having any body guards. Quite the tactical error on his part, lets hope the Overlord learns from his mistake.
Having heard rumours of a diabolical Fat Goblin causing havoc in near by villages or intrepid heroes set out to investigate, only to find a hulking Giant blocking their way.
Some nimble side steps and a bullish determination allow Laurel to slip past the hulking beast and spot a  band of Goblins attempting to steal the villagers crops...
...two of the cowardly creatures flee with bundles of crops before finally dispatch the Goblins and save the remaining two bundles of crops. And just in time as the shadow of the slain Giants brother bears down upon them, swearing a blood oath to avenge the killing of kin!
The heroes follow the goblins back to their lair where they find out that  foul creature named Splig is interrogating prisoners from the village and who has grown even fatter thanks to the crops stolen by the Goblins. can the Heroes get to the prisoners in time before the Goblin gets what he wants?
Making short work of he cave spiders Trenloe prepares to delve deeper in to the lair when he hears triumphant squeals of delight as Splig uncovers the identity of Fredrick the Shadow Binder through the use of inhumane methods. Now they must stop him escaping with his prisoner. 
As the remaining horde defends upon the heroes Trenloe is knocked down and Splig makes a Dash for the exit, Laurel wounds the foul beast but his is near footsteps from his goal and only a final surge of willpower from Trenloe can save the day as he invokes his Oath of Honour to hurl himself at Splig and dispatch the corpulent cretin! Quest one to the Heroes!
Frederick joins the band of adventurers but due to the hideous torture he suffered has his grip on reality has slipped and know goes by the name Mad Carthos! As a powerful Runemaster his abilities will be needed as the party attempt to prevent a night raid on Castle Daerion. 
The first encounter in the heroes quest requires them to warn the occupants of the castle of the impending danger by lighting the four beacons as the monsters attempt to slay the four guards!
Unfortunately the combination of the demonically powered Sorcerers and their pet Shadow Dragon prove too much for the party and they only light two beacons before all the guards are slain (though Trenloe does manage to slay the Dragon a few times. With no warning of the impending attack Heroes fail in to protect Sir Palamon in their second encounter as the now much Zombified guards, an enraged Ettin and Sir Alric Farrow bludgeon him to death just as the heroes enter the fray.
Having survived the first close encounter with the Dragon hybrid Belthir at the boulder canyon by dodging marauding Meriods and venomous cave spiders, the heroes prepare to prove their vapour as Belthir attempts to kill the defenders of the high tower. Unfortunately for the half dragon he leaves himself exposed by standing next, instead of behind, his Elemental body guard, thus allowing the Heroes to dispatch him in their first attack! It took all theirs skill and feats of amazing heroics but the battle was won before the monsters could move a muscle!

So there we have it. the heroes took the first act 2-1. I had a great time being the Overlord as I could chop and change my monsters allowing me to feel responsible for the outcomes of the game rather than feeling stuck with monsters that I may have preferred to swap out. I'm also pretty confident that if I hadn't made such a simple blunder in the last encounter I would have had a great chance of giving the heroes a run for their money as my Giant (the brother of the slain one from encounter one of A Fat Goblin!) was more than capable of squashing the puny manlings! 

I also really enjoyed the way the introduction of Rich's character grew organically from the events of the game. It really added a sense of consequence to the game. I can't wait for May bank holiday weekend so we can continue the story!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Richs Thursday Ramble: 'Choice' and Other Stories.

Hello Nerds!

Following last weeks troubles in finding a topic, I found myself blessed with two things I wanted to write about this week. So, rather than do the sensible thing and save one for next week, I thought I'd shoehorn them both in to one.
Thus, I'll be splitting this article into two separate halves.
This weeks first topic will be 'Choice - is it possible to have too much?'
The second will be generally focused around the latest issue of White Dwarf but with a specific focus on the 'eavy metal promo shots including within.