Thursday, 17 April 2014

Rich's Thursday Ramble - Double Tap with my Blog Gun!


Had a couple of hobby posts id meant to get around to posting this week but figured as its thursday i might as well thrash them both out and rapid fire them at yous!


First up, Sunday!

Got another 4500 point heresy game against Tom, we both made a few adjustments to our lists, the major one being Tom was able to use his iron warriors as actual iron warriors.

The Forces Assembled!

We rolled up 'Blood Feud' (kill points with infantry units being worth 2 VP) and the deployment map had us playing longways down the table with 24" deployment zones.

Tom had first turn and made good use of the Iron Warriors unique abilities which meant he potentially had 25 terminators and Perturabo deep striking in my face turn 1, thankfully (kinda..) it was only 15 terminators and Perturabo as one squad failed their reserve roll.

The game was quite the bloodbath but as it wound down it was fairly clear that Tom had a lot more units left than I did, and the VPs were something like 22 to 11. His ability to field the lions share of his units at max strength was helpful here. I managed to negate perturabo somewhat by simply staying as far away from him as possible. Including with Fulgrim who, after rinsing an autocannon havok squad, hid behind a building for a bit out of the way of the missile launchers then decided to go an be a flat-track bully elsewhere and wiped out another tactical squad.

My star of the game was the Primus Medicae on a jetbike who, after seeing his squad almost entirely wiped out by the deep-striking siege terminators, went ape-shit and charged headlong into a squad of 20 tactical marines with the 1 remaining biker, they proceeded to win the combat, the tacticals broke and got cut down! 

In the post game we discussed which units we were happy with so far and which just dont seem to be performing as hoped, I feel we've had enough games of this format under our belts now to start making assessments on this. I decided that, while on paper they look like one of the best units, my legion heavy support squads are a constant disappointment in my list. Mainly due to them being the only real infantry target for the first turn or two. As such I'm strongly considering dropping them entirely for something else a bit more mobile (or at least a unit that would be worth sticking in a transport). I'm currently considering a second tactical support squad with melta guns or maybe plasma guns.

Hopefully we'll get another game in soonish to try those changes out.

Airbrushing - Part 1

Secondly, I recently acquired an airbrush and got to give it a first 'proper' run out this week. I had 19 marines sitting around under coated just begging to be base coated.

Enter Airbrush!

20 minutes later:

Proper Chuffed! I would like to replace the 'brush' component itself at some point with a nicer dual-action one, but for the time being its fine for base coats and the like.

I've also been doing some reading up of late, and as my cans of undercoat are coming to an end I'm strongly tempted to ditch getting aerosol cans now and switch to vallejo surface primer, the internet claims the coverage is excellent and smooth!
The internet never lies...

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