Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sculpting alien spider bits.

With the days dripping by like water from a leaky tap I'm ramping up my efforts to finish the megarachnids. I realised I would need to fill in some of the gaps on my Tyranofex and I'd have to add mouth parts to my standard Megarachnids. Green stuffing is much like painting in that it takes some time to get back up to speed with the techniques you have used in the past. And so it has been on=ver the last few nights as I have tentatively begaun my work.
These two images are for Rich as I managed to get a bit closer with the camera this time.


Recently toddled along to tabletop nation to observe a couple of 'first tries' of Infinity.
Read on for first impressions and a few pics!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

On a table even longer ago...this time against Charlie

1500 point Tyranids (Will) Vs Chaos Deamons w/Chaos Marine allies (Charlie) Mission: The Emperor’s Will (home base objectives)
Set up: Hammer and Anvil

So Charlie came over a few weeks ago for a game of sixth to hone his list for the GW tournament would fare against my nids. I don’t have Charlie’s army list to hand but it was something like:

Lord of change
Deamon prince
3x6 squads of horrors
3x3 flamers
5 marines with rhino
Predator with TL las cannon
Flying demon dragon
Soul grinder

My list was:

Tyranid Prime
3 x30 gaunts
3 hive guard
Trygon prime

On a table a long time ago....

1500 point Imperial guard (Will) Vs Dark Eldar w/ Craftworld Editor allies (Rich)
Mission: Crusade (4 objectives)
Set up: Dawn of War

Rich popped over for a day of gaming and we managed to get in two games of 40k. As my tyranids were over at Lees I pulled out my imperial guard for the first time for 6th edition. I hadn’t used my guard against Rich before as my spamming of chimeras is not fun for Eldar players. Rich, being a game fellow, said he would give it a try.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Playing some 40k

Right just had a game, my iron warriors vs nics bike army. We tried out a list I had come up with for the Dark Angels ravenwing.
All I can say is, ouch, I handed in the towel at the start of turn 2. Nic pretty much tabled me without many losses.

Nic's list was;
Sammael on corvex
2 units of 3 ravenwing knights
3 units of 6 ravenwing with power weapon and 2 plasmaguns and attack bike with multimelta
1 land speeder with 2 heavy flames
1 nephilim fighter

Once we had finished we reworked it to drop the fighter and replace it with 2 units of 5 marines with missile launchers and flak missiles for anti air as the fighter was really unimpressive.
My list was my standard cam, lord on bike 3 units of marines, 2 obliterators, 2 heldrakes, 2 maulerfiends.

The scout moves really did Nic a service as he was in striking range for all units before turn one (we were playing purge the alien, kill points)

I'm really proud of the list actually as it seems really solid and capable, despite the total beating I received.

Sorry about the lack of pictures we only thought of it part way through the game.

Friday, 25 January 2013

making progress...

Yep. getting there:

Rich and Big Dave Internet Stars! Battlefield Autopsy: Dark Angels vs. Dark Eldar (Dark Angels Week)

And here we have it, Dave and Rich as the Stars of the Net!

While i like the show, i have to say i would like to feel that the Beasts of War guys were a bit more knowledgeable than they appear. But saying that they have a lot to learn and report on, so i will give them a break.

However, Dear Gods are the You Tube commentators Ass*&% whine whine whine! if i meet them i feel like smacking them with a brick.

I will have to talk to Big Dave and see if we can get more E.L.F on the Beast of War channel

(at least Dave's painting guides are being well received, despite more Whining)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Building mecgarachnids!

Now that Wayland have finally delivered my Tyranids and Will has allowed me to decimate his bitz box I have finally been able to begin my Megarachnid force... and slice straight in to my thumb!

Ever cut your thumb and thought 'Hmm, that felt deep'? I did.
Even with this minor set back (I had taken a slice out of my other hand the day before making a roast dinner so felt like a right burke) I soldiered to produce my Truanid Prime.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

More painting!

Yes it's me again. With a new Deamon engine for all, my second forge fiend is done. Opinions? Hugs?

Scratching my head..

It took me several read throughs and i needed to go back and reference the big book and read the comments, but i think i get it now.

but boy, is that a clusterfuck of an errata or what.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

More painting!

Here we go the latest piece for my iron warriors, helldrake number 2. Se basic details and a new pilot has really moved it to fit in with chaos army, rather than look like a dark angel model painted silver.

So what do people think?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

gaming in a winter wonderland!

Sop it's been nearly a month since we had a Friday Night Gaming at E.L.F and that just won't do! So with that in mind I decided that it would be best to organise it on one of the days of the year when all of Britain goes bat-sh*t-crazy over a bit of snow! that didn't stop us so we cracked out some of our favourite games for a snowy treat.

No your eyes do not deceive you, it is Shadows over Camelot!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Reading the new FAQ's

Well just had a look at the new FAQ's, some god some bad, (loving the Helldrakes now more than ever!)


As for the Dark Angel Codex FAQ, just from the number of tpyos (deliberate), can i say this. ARE GW F*&£*&G STUPID? some of these mistake are ridiculous, adding wargear, removing rules from units, i mean come on, did anyone bother to read it before they sent it to the printers?

Only good thing is it show the benefit of buying the digital copy, at least yours is always up to date.

(it did make it funny reading about people playing games where one persons brand new hardback rules were different from someone else's digital rules).

Since i'm getting an iPad soon this might well be the last Book i buy from GW for a While.

lamenting the fortunes of the dark kin.

Im trying to make this a constructive deconstruction and not a whinge, if it reads like a whinge, sorry! No-one likes a bad beats story.

So! Had a game last night against the new dark angels, got pasted pretty bad again. thus here follows some thoughts, input from the comments is more than welcome, nay encouraged! 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tip toeing back to the painting bureau and delving into the Horus Heresy!

So it has been a while since I have done any painting due to all the Christmas fun and School work. I had hoped to be modelling and painting my Megarachnids but due to Wayland games terrible service I'm still waiting for it to be even posted after a week and a half. So I got on with building up the yellow on my Blood Angel Bikers.
Yeah I know it's not impressive but these things take time!

Monday, 14 January 2013

playing some doubles games: game 2

After a break for luncheon, we swapped the teams up and had another game.
This time myself and Tom's Space Marine crusade lists got a run out, making for a proper heresy-fest!

playing some doubles: game 1...

Myself, Dave, Tom and Pete braved the cold and getting up before midday on a Sunday to take a little jaunt over to tabletop nation yesterday to get a few games in.

We managed to squeeze 2 doubles games in using the standard missions in the rulebook in the time we were there, myself and tom got to run out both halves of our crusade lists, Pete and Dave just fielded some 750 point lists.
Heres a report with pics from the first!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Monday, 7 January 2013

Reading Januarys Digi White Dwarf

Having been somewhat un-impressed with 'all-new' white dwarfs second issue, i decided to skip last months hobbit-overload issue and dive back in for January with a more 40k centric issue.

This wont be too in depth, ive only read the bits that looked interesting to read. which, in all honesty, wasnt much.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

On the Painting table....

Well I've had an interesting week. I've been off for most of it with. Bruised rib thanks to going out on New Year's Eve. But on a positive I've got loads of painting done,

behold my new chaos lord on bike, 'The Lord of Obilterators'.

I've also finished my forge fiend and hell drake and 2 Deamon princes. Now to move on to my deamons and some inquisitor waveband figures.

Will get some pics of my finished crusade army's soon as well

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Working on Crusade armies

As promised, a few piccies of the clutter on my painting station currently, and the two lists im planning on using.

Visiting a game store in Preston

With my in laws living up in the sunny north of England I often have the opportunity to visit games stores I normally wouldn't travel to. So it transpired during my recent shopping trip with my wife and niece to Preston I found some time to pop in to Worthy Gaming. But is it worthy of our patronage or just another sweaty gamer hole?

Thinking up lists for the Pre-Heresy event!

So with just over a month to go until the E.L.F Crusade Campaign weekend it is time to work out which lists to take. With only 750 points to spend on the army and only access to a max of 2 Troops, 1 HQ, Elites, Fast Attack and Heavy Support lets see what sort of theme lists I can make.