Friday, 25 January 2013

Rich and Big Dave Internet Stars! Battlefield Autopsy: Dark Angels vs. Dark Eldar (Dark Angels Week)

And here we have it, Dave and Rich as the Stars of the Net!

While i like the show, i have to say i would like to feel that the Beasts of War guys were a bit more knowledgeable than they appear. But saying that they have a lot to learn and report on, so i will give them a break.

However, Dear Gods are the You Tube commentators Ass*&% whine whine whine! if i meet them i feel like smacking them with a brick.

I will have to talk to Big Dave and see if we can get more E.L.F on the Beast of War channel

(at least Dave's painting guides are being well received, despite more Whining)


  1. Hehe, in fairness to all involved, i think we'd had about an hour tops to look through the new book before the game. Also we had never intended to field any of the new units, they were still boxed and on the sprue in daves bag.

  2. I watched bothe videos the day they went up and I couldn't stop giggling as I knew the people on the screen (yes I'm an idiot!). I thought you guys did really well and love the painting tutorial. Having tried my handaecording instructional videos for the students using Photoshop you soon realise how ruddy hard it is yo fill the silence with meanigful banter. Well done boys and I look.forward to seeing more of you guys on BoW.