Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Scratching my head..


It took me several read throughs and i needed to go back and reference the big book and read the comments, but i think i get it now.

but boy, is that a clusterfuck of an errata or what.


  1. It's a very poor rule that I was explaining to the guys during our games at the weekend. I think the guy has it wrong at the end as you need to fire a weapon for the unit to be in range when to hit rolls are made. So for example, the Daemon player would have to actually fire one of the unit using Warpfire instead of Breath if they wanted to extend the range as if tje weapon isn't fired they range of the attacks is equal to the length of the template.

    1. yeah thats what i thought too. But the fact that theres lots of interpretations and questions being asked about an answer in an FAQ just goes to show how terrible a job they did with this one.
      And more frequent FAQs seemed like such a promising idea when they started doing it :P