Thursday, 3 January 2013

Working on Crusade armies

As promised, a few piccies of the clutter on my painting station currently, and the two lists im planning on using.

Forces of Humanity!

No surprises, im painting up some Emperors Children.
Lead by the fearless Commander Eidolon, i've gone for what i think is a fairly stock jack-of-most-trades list (i did consider trying to squeek a stormtalon in as an excuse to build one, but i was already firmly set on assault marines, so that went out the window and i plumped for an old school 'not sure of whats its really trying to accomplish on the battlefield' predator)

Righteous Warriors of the 3rd Legion:

Commander Eidolon
Storm shield
Jump pack

Legion Tactical Squad Vespasian
Sergeant Tyrell, armed with a power sword
Missile Launcher
Mounted in a basic Rhino

Legion Assault Squad Arathan
Sergeant Faust armed with a power fist
2 flamers

Legion Predator
Armed with autocannon turret and lascannon sponsons.

Eidolon, Faust and a flamer are coming along nicely! the other guys are missing arms for now :(

Traitorous Xenos!
I was basically planning on just chucking some dark eldar together again, but more recent foray into allies ended me up with 3 cool-looking vanilla eldar units, and a change is as good as a rest, right? So im going to give them a run out!

Wisdom of the Ancients of Il-Kaithe

Farseer (kitted out to the nines!)
Singing spear
runes of warding and witnessing
spirit stones
doom, fortune.

10 Wraithguard
Warlock (spiritseer) with singing spear and conceal

2 flamers
missile launcher

(i need to get some eldar-y names, i know)

mmm. more purple.

So there we go, i got an e-mail today saying tactical squad vespasian are in the post. which is nice!

These arrived yesterday morning, good times!
(still waiting on my missing assault marine arms though. bad times)

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  1. That is wicked, exactly what I was hoping people would do in terms of getting bits of projects together that they have felt they wanted to do for ages but never had a solid reason to. Well done sir! The colour scheme on the Eldar is very cool!