Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Reading the new FAQ's

Well just had a look at the new FAQ's, some god some bad, (loving the Helldrakes now more than ever!)


As for the Dark Angel Codex FAQ, just from the number of tpyos (deliberate), can i say this. ARE GW F*&£*&G STUPID? some of these mistake are ridiculous, adding wargear, removing rules from units, i mean come on, did anyone bother to read it before they sent it to the printers?

Only good thing is it show the benefit of buying the digital copy, at least yours is always up to date.

(it did make it funny reading about people playing games where one persons brand new hardback rules were different from someone else's digital rules).

Since i'm getting an iPad soon this might well be the last Book i buy from GW for a While.


  1. It is definitely a poor show to have to release an FAQ only four days after releasing a product. Until I can properly back up my digital codices I'll stick with the paper version as if the ipad/apple/ibooks goes south you have nothing left.

  2. the really bad one (as if a sea of typos wasnt enough) seems to be the veterans wargear list being completely re-written in the faq. real shambles. "premium" product eh?

  3. I feel sorry for the people that bought the limited edition 'premium' product.