Sunday, 27 January 2013

On a table a long time ago....

1500 point Imperial guard (Will) Vs Dark Eldar w/ Craftworld Editor allies (Rich)
Mission: Crusade (4 objectives)
Set up: Dawn of War

Rich popped over for a day of gaming and we managed to get in two games of 40k. As my tyranids were over at Lees I pulled out my imperial guard for the first time for 6th edition. I hadn’t used my guard against Rich before as my spamming of chimeras is not fun for Eldar players. Rich, being a game fellow, said he would give it a try.

Riches list was something like:

Boss witch
9 witches in raider
5 witches in venom
5 witches in venom
10 warriors in raider
Flyer with two S9 lance weapons
10 Wraithguard with warlock
Aegis defence line

My list was:
Company command squad with Chinera
Platoon command squad with Chimera
4 x Troop squad with Chimera
Veteran squad with Chimera
3 sentinels
2 Leman Russ

The new rules for setting up the table lead to a very open killing ground in the middle. i wonder who this will favour...

Sentinels about to pay for blowing up the witches ride

 I was going first and Rich kept as much of his army off the board as he could.  We had set the board up using the rules in the book that meant there was a kill zone down the middle. I won’t go into turn by turn plays as with limited cover and facing a bad match up it was hard going for the Dark Eldar. To win this game Rich needed his dark lances to put in work but his rolling was miserable with only a chimera going down to all of the lance fire.  One was the wraithguard who soaked up my army’s firepower for the whole game before succumbing.  We moved straight onto the next game which I felt would be a lot better for rich as I would be taking my Khorne demons list with cultist allies...

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  1. ive got a few pics of this too, but as the battle report shows, not much really happened :P
    Good to see another contributor anyhoo!