Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sculpting alien spider bits.

With the days dripping by like water from a leaky tap I'm ramping up my efforts to finish the megarachnids. I realised I would need to fill in some of the gaps on my Tyranofex and I'd have to add mouth parts to my standard Megarachnids. Green stuffing is much like painting in that it takes some time to get back up to speed with the techniques you have used in the past. And so it has been on=ver the last few nights as I have tentatively begaun my work.
These two images are for Rich as I managed to get a bit closer with the camera this time.
First up was making the rupture canon fit visually on to the back of the spider without looking like the kind of conversion a twelve year old would do (you've all seen the Space Marine Serg with four las cannons for arms!). Simple enough once you have the confidence to leave the green stuff alone to dry over night and finish it off later. The harder part is filling the tiny gaps all over the model left by the parts never perfectly fitting together, as the texture of the armour is vey easy to obscure and you need to get the green stuff blend seamlessly to the flat surfaces too.

Next I had to add the first stages of the mouths, which is the teeth. This is one of the hardest parts about sculpting as you are always working inwards out, meaning that you actually have to plan the model, rather than make it up as you go along (what a hardship!). So naturally I completed ignored this on the prime and sculpted the gums first, before sitting down tonight to realise I should have done the teeth first. Luckily I was too lazy to do the warrior unit with the prime so have now sculpted them in the correct order.

I love sculpting but the waiting for the green stuff over night can be a real pain.
Shouldn't have glued on the mandibles before sculpting the inner  details, very awkward.
Next step the outer gums/mouth. 
 The reason I am doing this isn't just to have a more unique look to my Nids but the back ground for the Megarachnids stated the had no discernible eyes so thought it best not to use the warriors faces. I've glued the 'legs' together but they will each need to be individually converted to ensure that they work. Once I've finished all this all I have to do is construct 20 Gargoyles (plus conversion parts) and paint the lot. Oh and make my custom terrain!

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