Monday, 14 January 2013

playing some doubles: game 1...

Myself, Dave, Tom and Pete braved the cold and getting up before midday on a Sunday to take a little jaunt over to tabletop nation yesterday to get a few games in.

We managed to squeeze 2 doubles games in using the standard missions in the rulebook in the time we were there, myself and tom got to run out both halves of our crusade lists, Pete and Dave just fielded some 750 point lists.
Heres a report with pics from the first!

Game 1: My Eldar and Toms 'nids vs Petes Grey Knights and Daves Dark Angels.

We rolled up big guns never tire with 3 objectives played from the short table edges. Could be awkward for team xenos with our lack of range and mobility, but thankfully we placed 2 of the objectives and were able to favour ourselves, forcing Pete and Dave to have to advance on us.
The 'nids set up in midfield ready to start pooping out more gaunts and slowly advancing forward, swarming over the objectives, while the eldar set up on the rearmost objective in the ruins of an ancient temple.

Early on, little happened, 'nids got pooped out and they walked forward.

The imperial forces steadily advanced, The deathwing deepstruck wildly off target onto a ruin but didnt suffer any casualties from it. They let fly with all the weapons in range and downed a few gaunts.

The nids continued their advance and engaged the dark angels tactical marines, losing more than they killed, but fearless kept them around. The Trygon popped up in an attempt to engage the grey knight terminators, but it seemed it was equally concerned with the presence of the dreadknight and scattered into a position equidistant between the two units.
In the meantime the Eldar found themselves flanked by a deepstriking squad of grey knight terminators and squad of ravenwing bikes, but the farseers fortune prevented them from taking 1 single casualty from the volley of fire!
Might this flanking manoeuvre prove to be a costly mistake?

The nids carried on their slow grind in midfield, taking slightly more casualties than they were causing, but thei superior numbers and fearlessness should keep them in the battle for now,
The Eldar turned their ire on to the flanking force, the Wraithguard cutting down 2 terminators with their deadly guns and the wraithlord mincing the ravenwing to pieces in close combat.

Back in midfield the strength and resilience of the Imperial forces was starting to take its toll on the tyranids, with one of the tervigons falling to the Deathwing, taking a few gaunts with it in the process, the trygon was also on its last legs from the combined assault of the dreadknight and his terminator bretheren.
The 3 remaining terminators in the flanking force opened up on the wraithguard but still couldnt cause a wound, they charged headlong into close combat but lost another of their number to overwatch fire, and in assault another terminator fell with no wounds caused yet again! Could the lone terminator sergeant hold out against a whole squad of wraithguard long enough to prevent the eldar returning to their objective?

In midfield the tyranid swarm finally collapsed to the brute force of the imperial forces allowing them to begin their advance on the remaining objectives and the eldar still locked in combat with the lone grey knight.
Thankfully that sergeant finally succumbed to the weight of numbers, after having made 9 consecutive saves although he did finally take a wraithguard down with him. Now the wraithguard could consolidate back on to the objective.
Turn 5 rolled in to turn 6, but the wraithlord decided to stand about dreaming about what it was like back in the good old days. The last remaining stragglers from the gaunt swarm continued heading towards cover. The imperials consolidated their position taking pot shots at the inactive wraithlord, stripping off a wound and the game ended.
Imperial deployment zone

Xenos deployment zone


Totalling up the points, each team held one objective and had downed the same number of heavy support choices, the imperial had scored first blood while the xenos managed a cheeky linebreaker. 5 points each and a tie!

Things we took from the game:
Wraithguard dug in on an objective are somewhat difficult to displace.
The dirty looking nid list struggled up against that many terminators and a dreadknight. Even the regular tactical squad ground down 2 broods of gaunts with the tervigons distracted and unable to back them up.
Doubles is fun!

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  1. Very interesting lists and good to see that the doubles are proving as fun as I hoped.