Friday, 16 August 2013

Making more models.

A quick one today as I took the opportunity this afternoon to put together the Firestorm Redoubt that accompanied my other presents. Just like the other models it comes off sprue with the rules in the box.

The box is pretty full, so you can see why you wouldn't want to add the sprues in and need a bigger box.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Constructing birthday models.

One of the great things about having a birthday in the middle of the summer holidays is that I always get time to enjoy my presents! It's year has been no exception and I have been constructing some of the models bought for me by the boys in E.L.F. Today will be a review of GW's recent release, the Vengeance Battery. It's is a kit which I saw and thought looked interesting but would probably never have got around to buying for myself as I failed to take advantage of the Wall of Martyrs bundle deal when it first came out and always seem to find something more urgent to spend my gaming money on (Nurgle Daemons, expansions to board games, you guys know the feeling). So how did I get on with this kit? Was there anything innovative or more slightly expensive but pretty scenery from GW?

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Pondering the Dreadnought

Was sitting painting some Emperors Children bits into the wee small hours last night, one of which was a contemptor dread, and it got me pondering what could make them worth taking in regular games of 40k?

These few bits crossed my mind, im pretty sure i've read or chatted about some of these with people previously but i thought it might be an interesting discussion point anyhow.

A) Give them 4 Hull Points.
Fairly simple one. They do seem to die a bit too quickly for the their points compared to the damage they chuck out. I'm not overly sold on this one as it puts them on par with other 6th ed powerhouses as land raiders and of course ORK BATTLEWAGONS. yarp.

B) Give them the option of swapping their attacks for a sweep attack that hits everyone in base contact at its base strength with AP-. Bit niche, but stops them getting bogged down in combat vs rubbish blobs.

C) Make them characters so they can issue challenges. I kinda like this one, i reckon theyre a lot less likely to get donged in assault by a tac squad if you can either choose to hit them with the sarges weapon OR krak grenades rather than both. And if they dont accept the squad is more likely to leg it.

Any one else got any thoughts? Another one i considered is upping them to 3 attacks base.