Friday, 16 August 2013

Making more models.

A quick one today as I took the opportunity this afternoon to put together the Firestorm Redoubt that accompanied my other presents. Just like the other models it comes off sprue with the rules in the box.

The box is pretty full, so you can see why you wouldn't want to add the sprues in and need a bigger box.

The main differences form the previous kit are the size of the parts (you can see how large some of the panels are) and the ease of construction. This kit has some very awkward parts to clean (see the images of the guns) and due to being large, thin panels you really need a quick bonding poly-cement as you'll need to hold the model whilst it dries. 

Those guns are one part, fantastic for speed of construction but cleaning the mould lines on the inside is a right pain.
On the whole though it comes together as really nice chunky building with some spiffy guns.Having had quick read of the rules I don't see me adding it into my army as at 200 points I'd struggle to find something to drop (though I'm now getting ideas for the E.L.F 2014 40k event so we'll see where they lead).

As a parting shot I thought I drop two bits of info. First up you may have missed it but I've put up a games list on the front page and any authors can add games to it so that when we organise a game day we organise which games we play in advance easier. Secondly I picked up a copy of Formula D so am looking to organise a day to have a three lap race. Let me know if you are interested.

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