Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Revisiting Infinity

Morning fellow geeks!

So, recently i decided to go back and have a proper crack at learning Infinity. I picked up a force for myself earlier this year, started painting it and played 3 or 4 games but found it a little tricky to get the hang of. Other gaming things got in the way and infinity ended up on the back burner. But i came across the models and my unbuilt terrain while tidying stuff up in my man cave and decided to give it another crack. The terrain is now built and being painted and the models i picked up for my 150 point starter force are on the painting table glaring at me.

But who can i play against? i wondered. I decided, due to the fact that i'd had a somewhat hard time choosing a faction to play in the first place, and due to it being a small scale skirmish game, i could pick up a starter box for a different faction so i could host some 2 player games of it without much issue. 

I had a look through all the starter boxes and discounted the ones that i just didnt think looked very cool, so most of the original faction starters were out due to them being mostly the first gen of miniature releases (which had a tendency to look a bit comical, quite big faces and whatnot).
I discounted Haqqislam due to there not being much of a 'pop' for me with regards to the aesthetics of the minis in any of their starters, although i did consider that their low-tech look might be a nice counter to my alephs high-tech appearance.
The other low-tech faction, Ariadna, made it onto the shortlist with their french sectorial starter (mostly because these would then let me pick up a set of the awesome looking loup-garous at a later date) the scottish starter didnt appeal to me, theyre wearing kilts dammit. 
The problem with the ariadna starters however was the fact that the contents fell quite short of 150 points due to their basic guys being dirt cheap in game.
The short-list basically whittled down to Nomads, 2 of the Yu-Jing starters and one of the Pan Oceania starters. After a rigorous process of elimination (I decided id get the first box off the short-list i found on the shelf in Darksphere. eh, it worked!) I plumped for the Yu-Jing japanese sectorial army starter:

Also, i came across this fan re-edit of the rulebook intended to make it a bit more english friendly. Thought it might be handy.

So if any folks fancy trying infinity out one evening/weekend, let me know ya'll.

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  1. P.S.
    This video is pretty awesome at explaining the basics, couldnt have done it better myself.

    seeing as im still trying to learn it and stuff.