Monday, 16 September 2013

Space Marines battles!

As Nic has said we played a game over the weekend testing out the new space marines.

Nic has already listed his army in the pervious post (version 1) and here is what I used

Pedro Kantor
Honour guard (6) 2 relic blades

Sternguard (5) 2 meltaguns, drop pod
Sternguard (10) 3 combi weapons, power fist, 2 hvy flamers, drop pod

Legion (5) meltagun, multi melta

Tac squad (5) missile launcher
Tac squad (5) missile launcher
Tac squad (10) plasma gun, missile launcher

Thunderfire cannon

So the battle; dawn of war, crusade mission (4 objectives), no night fight, crimson fist going first.

Nic scouted everything he could despite me having first turn,

The 10 man sternguard arrived first and spilt into 2 units to spread the harm while the tac squads layer down some fire on the bikes quads all over the table. Khans squad took a beating losing all members but khan and the tech the stern guard and a tac squad.

Turn 2 saw the storm raven and pedro arrive and lay into the bikes coming down the flank.

Nic's turn two brought the storm talons on which made a beeline for my stormraven to limit the honour guard mobility, didn't work, leading to the epic showdown between Pedro and the khan, victory to the chapter master!

Turns 3-5 saw the legion deep strike next to the whirlwind and nuke it to be cut down by the tac squad holding the building nearby. The dog fight between the raven and talons didn't end well for the talons

After that is was pretty much mopping up for the crimson fists. 

Well aware not a great report (it's my first), but I really loved this list, it full of fun bits and cool stuff I've want to play.

Thoughts? Hugs?


  1. The list looks pretty sound I think the biggest problem for Nic’s force will be that he didn't seem to ave any where to hide from an all shoots army meaning his mobility was pretty useless (especially as he can't climb terrain on bikes). Would be interesting to see how the list faired against guard or Orks.

  2. Both lists look decent to me, the board and set up did seem to favour your army for this one though.
    I wont dispute the scouting, that makes sense, but i think he should have refused flanked you with his bikes, seeing as he was setting up second. Limit the amount of fire the squads could take by beelining down one flank.
    He also couldve made it a bit harder for you to do quite so much damage with the sternguard then too.
    As its was, trying to ride down the throat of a shooting army across the middle of almost coverless ground seems a faux pas.

  3. also, sorry to be a pedant, but can i draw peoples attention to the 'page break' option when writing a post, it lets you have a quick intro blurb and then cuts everything else out afterwards and replaces it with the 'read more' hyerplink. makes the blog look a bit neater when youre writing up larger posts.

    1. ace, cheers, i was about to go all rain man!