Sunday, 28 April 2013

Trying to paint more models.

Just  a quick one this time to show off the start of my new Captain model as he gets his base coat for his shiny new armour.

I'm trying out the paint pot stand technique to help me avoid touching the model whilst I paint it. Also hope that it still goes together properly once it is painted (the bikes have left me sceptical). 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Finishing what I started so long ago.

Yes that's right I have finally finished the bikes I've been painting. Well I say finished, is anything really finished or do we just give up improving things once they hit a tolerable level?

Reading the FAQs

New FAQs are up,

not looked at everything yet, but heres a few bits and bobs that piqued my interest:

1) Dark Eldar Reavers.
Reaver bladebane attacks now operate the same way as tzeentch screamers. allocating hits treating the final position of the reavers as the direction of the attack. Finally! Randomising it never made ANY sense.

2) Valkyrie/Vendetta
Valkyries and vendettas have had scout removed. Does this mean they now cant outflank? Curious.

3) Fantasy Battle Overruns.
In the previous BRB FAQ for fantasy, they stated if a unit wins combat against daemons or undead and the daemon/undead unit lost its remaining models from instability, the unit that won combat couldnt perform an overrun. I liked this and was looking forward to taking advantage of it sometime. Except theyve done a 180 in the new FAQ and now the winning unit CAN overrun. Weird.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Legion Blood Feuding...

Met up with Tom last night to try our hand at a 2000 point legion list battle using the rules in HH:Betrayal.

Took a little while to sort out our lists (its quite a hefty book), but eventually got down to business and decided to use one of the scenarios from the betrayal campaign, Blood Feud.