Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Legion Blood Feuding...

Met up with Tom last night to try our hand at a 2000 point legion list battle using the rules in HH:Betrayal.

Took a little while to sort out our lists (its quite a hefty book), but eventually got down to business and decided to use one of the scenarios from the betrayal campaign, Blood Feud.

The mission is essentially kill points, but with infantry units being worth 2 points each. The secondary objectives were first blood, slay the warlord and last man standing, meaning the player with most units left at the end of the game receives another VP.

We used the deployment maps from the campaign too and ended up with an arrowhead setup.

We both had a hell of a lot of dudes on foot which made for quite a spectacle, I got off to a good start, but Toms superior long range firepower eventually took its toll and my line caved around turn 5.

Had a lot of fun playing the game though. It was quite interesting in that, even though this was our first game using the betrayal book, we didnt have to do a lot of faffing about looking up special rules as there just werent that many in use. We both just had a bunch of dudes in power armour shooting each other.

Battle looked ace after we both set up and had 60-80 guys each side of the table facing off.
My assault squad getting charged by a unit of terminators and both plasma pistols scoring hits with overwatch. Yeah, they still got power fisted to oblivion, but small victories eh?

errm, not all my stuff was pre-heresy. and half wasnt painted?

Heavy support squads are UTTER DIRT!

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