Sunday, 30 June 2013

Finding new places to play!

In the spirit of finding new opportunities to play more games, Amanda and I stumbled upon a new games store just around the corner from us! The Missing Geek in Staines is the smallest games store I have ever been in but the owner of the store Alan is a really nice guy  who is running Wednesday and Friday night gaming (open gaming on Wednesdays, Magic on a Friday). Whilst it's currently a very intimate setting (smaller than my kitchen I think), he will be moving it to a much larger venue as soon as he can hammer out a deal that won't cripple him. This means that I can hopefully get a some regular weekly gaming in as Amanda is very found of the Running club on Wednesdays. I bought a copy of Smash Up which I'm hopefully going to take along this Wednesday but Amanda and I played a game of the DC Deck builder  so I thought I'd give it a swift review.

Quick over view - You are a hero (I was Batman!) and you are collecting/defeating Villians, Super Powers, Equipment and Locations from the centre pool of five cards. Your heros ability pushes you towards a particular resource (Batman loves equipment, Superman the powers etc) so their is a fair amount of variety. The timer is a stack of Super Villains (not to be confused with the basic villains) and once they are all defeated you total up the value of the cards in your deck and the highest is the winner (much like all the other deck builders). 

Things I liked:
- The theme is really strong as whilst Batman can get X-ray vision he works so much better with a stack of equipment like his bat signal and cape & cowl.
- The Villains attack meaning there is an extra layer to managing your deck so that you can have the cards with defence abilities to stop you getting owned by a player (Amanda as Wonderwoman, no we didn't pick characters it just happened!) who loves collecting/defeating Villains.
- The art work is of course amazing!

Things that made me go hmm:
- As with all deck builders the level of analysis paralysis can bog the game down some what as the abilities begin to trip off each other (which is fun to watch the first few times) or just understanding which card to buy as some do rather complex things (yes Riddler I'm looking at you!).
- If you've payed any deck building game then you'll pick this up in a flash (ok, half a pun intended) which leaves me wondering at the games longevity. 

I won't score it until I've played some more and am tempted to get it as I'd rather play it than Ascension but wonder if deck building is just better on the tablet devices?

Sunday Musings

Just a quickie to get a few thoughts down.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Playing again

Popped over to Toms last night for a rematch vs his Space Wolves.

It went a bit better than the first game.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Watching Man of Steel.

Just a quick one to review the latest DC cinematic offering. The Nolan Batman trilogy has set the bar pretty high so could Superman's latest offering live up to the hype?

Playing games on a Friday night!

With only a wwek left of June it was about time we got together for a Friday Night Gaming session (and BBQ thanks to Will!). Unfortunately I only remembered to photograph my first game, probably something to do with the amount of cider I had. First up was a game of 40k where I pitted my Guard against Rich's new Eldar. Could I possibly end my non-winning record?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Playing actual games...

So i've actually managed to squeeze in 3 games in a week with the new eldar book. I thought i'd follow up my original post with some fresh thoughts after seeing the units in action on the table.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Making Plague Drones and lists!

Last Saturday I got my hands on a box of Nurgle Plague Drones and have today finished constructing them. I thought I'd give a quick review of the kit as I was rather critical of parts of it when it was first released but have my opinions changed now that I have had time to see them first hand?
Who could resist the chance to sit in the sun and put models together?

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Basing models.

Just a quick one today to show that I've finally finished my Guard and to share a quick tip on putting snow on to bases. 
Finally, no more counts as! 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Reading and Brewing..

So for those unaware (unlikely) Codex: Eldar was released the weekend just gone. Thought id post up a few initial thoughts for those that are mildly curious but not read the book, and a new eldar/dark eldar list i'll be trying first chance i get.