Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Musings

Just a quickie to get a few thoughts down.

Firstly, popped to tabletop yesterday with Tom and Ant, now Ants back in Colchester it means tabletop is half way between us, and now toms in hornchurch hes a tiny detour on my route there also, the journey was really painless both ways, saturday afternoons is clearly the way to go.
Got to games in, 1 against ants orks and 1 against toms chaos. both games we rolled up the lengthways set up which seems to REALLY favour my Eldar, the wave serpents, fire prism and venoms had free reign to advance forward into range first turn then pull back while firing at the advancing opponent, the orks got utterly reamed for a turn 6 tabling, the chaos match ended turn 6 with a victory for me thanks to my swooping hawks not breaking (base LD 9 without needing to keep the exarch alive is awesome) so they contested an objective and got me linebreaker.
All stars were clearly the wave serpents, they do SO much. They were dropping anything they shot at vs Ant (including exploding his deff dread turn 2) and the hawks were very impressive again, Ant simply could not deal with them, they wiped out a unit of 8 lootas, most of a unit of 12 boyz and 2 or 3 nobz from his nobz squad, they finished that game without having taken a single casualty as he just didnt have anything to seriously threaten them with once the lootas were dead due to them being able to drop as their maximum range away and then disappear next turn.
The hawks were less impressive in a damage output sense against Tom, but as explained, they stopped him scoring a 3 point objective and got me a linebreaker point, so thats worth its weight in gold really. The wave serpents again were his bane, they wiped out big chunks of his marine squads turn 1, then dropped the first forgefiend turn 2 and nearly managed to drop the second after it had dealt with the wraithlord. They dropped the helldrake once i could get at its rear armour. Im defintely considering a 3rd serpent with dire avengers in it once i look at phasing out the allies for a pure eldar force.
The Wraithlord was a bit of a disappointment again in both games. Lances really are comedically bad for me.
Im convinced its a curse, against tom, the prism fired 2 large blast shots turns 1 and 2 and hit and wiped out the havoks in 2 turns, it then switched to firing lance shots at stuff and missed every single lance shot for the rest of the game.

So other bits, we did have a brief discussion about making some semi-regular weekend afternoon jaunts to tabletop to get some games in, theyre open till 11 every saturday so its quite possible to get numerous games in without it being rushed, and we can have a few games going simultaneously.
We wondered if folks might be interested in that?

Also, just to gauge interest, you may have noticed, apocolypse is due next week, is anyone interested in getting together for a big battle some time soon? I did some totalling up and i can field an eldar/dark eldar force of at least 5000 points. And im pleased to say that isnt all spent on formations and super-heavies or loads of wasted points on over-geared characters, theres 10 troops choices in there, mostly mounted. Should look impressive (despite only being half painted. boo)

Lastly i thought id post pics of my nearly finished pride and joy ive been lavishing time on this week when i should really be working on my pre-heresy marines for next months massacre event.
Pretty chuffed with it. It's not exactly top quality, but its good by my standards.


  1. The painting looks very nice and it's always good to have your units massacred by a well painted model! Tabletop sounds fun, I'll look into my options for getting there but drip me a bell when your going and I'll let you know. Sounds like the Eldar are being honed into a real army to beat, not sure it how my Daemons would cope with such a fast enemy (I think my Guard will stick with the played 1 won 1 record for a while!).

    1. Cheers, i agree it does make a difference when youre sitting across from an army thats all painted and looks nice, even if youre getting smashed, at least as youre getting smashed in style.
      As we discussed amongst us yesterday, if we do organise trips over to hockley, theres plenty of pads round this way folks who've travelled further can crash afterwards. Im hoping to pop back maybe next weekend or maybe sat 20th if that works for anyone. Busy the weekend in between, but 20th may be best, its the first weekend of the summer hols and brens in spain for 10 days from that morning.

    2. I have a night out planned for Friday 19th so may be a little later in getter there than I would like if the celebrations are fun as I hope! I'll pop the date in my diary and aim to get as much painted for my forces as possible to give me the best chance of putting a force together that won't embarrass me against your Eldar.