Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Playing again

Popped over to Toms last night for a rematch vs his Space Wolves.

It went a bit better than the first game.

I tweaked my list from the one i used against dave on friday, i shaved more points off the dark eldar allies by ditching the raiders and going for 5 haywire wyches in a venom and 3 trueborn with blasters accompanying the blaster archon in a venom. Along with dropping one d-scythe wraithguard, this let me take the fire prism and up the swooping hawks to 7. My thinking on this was that raiders pretty much die just as easily as venoms despite the difference in hull points, and ten dark eldar troops tend to die to pretty much anything shooting at them anyway, and at least with smaller squads im spending less points and can dump them in venoms that give the anti infantry poison fire im looking for from a much greater range than the splinter rifles firing out of the raiders.

We had the bog standard set up 12" along the long edges and 'the draw game' of one objective each.
Tom went first, advanced the thunderwolves, land raider and a squad of grey hunters towards my objective,  the land raider wounded my wraithlord, i responded by wiping out all 10 of the advancing grey hunters with one round of shooting from both wave serpents. INSANE! And it scores me first blood!
Tom continued to make below average rolls on his saves while my wave serpents picked his units apart. The swooping hawks didnt cause as much devastation as they did against the guard, but they were a real nuisance and kept diverting his attention towards them.
The game was effectively over by turn 4 as i had 1st blood, kill the warlord, more than likely would have an unchallenged linebreaker unit with my trueborn and had very little chance of losing my home objective or warlord where they were. We played it on however and it ended turn 6 as a 6-0 victory for me with half a squad of grey hunters the only thing left from Toms force.

The thing i liked most about the way this list felt was that it got the job done with another couple of gears left if the need had arisen, the wave serpents did a lot of heavy lifting without the guys inside needing to do an awful lot other than hold my home objective and do a bit of mopping up of the blood claws that piled out of his land raider in front of my two venoms. (you'll be happy to know it wasnt just you by the way Dave, i consistently rolled 4s, 5s and 6s for my serpent shield shots, and the lances continued to do sod all, it appears i've found my true calling! im a serpent shield master.)

We discussed the list afterwards and in an effort to squeeze even more points out to get the swooping hawks up to 10 men i realised i could drop the archon and trueborn for a haemonculous with a liquifier gun with a squad of wracks, still in a venom and these guys are now scoring. With the points saved (mainly from dropping 60 points worth of blasters) i can up the swooping hawks to 10 men AND give the exarch hit & run.


  1. Sounds loke I played your list at the roght point in it's development! It will be interesting to see how it fairs against Tau as if tjey serpents get tagged early enough will it limit your ability to engage from beyond 12-18".

    Also, did you use the battlefocus psychic power or do you think you'll be better served taking two level one powers?

    1. I am keen to test it out against Tau, I have a feeling whoever gets to go first might be important. And i think that'll be a match up where swooping hawks will be relied on to do some damage moreso than be a nuisance.

      I actually plumped for the standard codex rules last night, rolled up shroud/unshroud and +1str/-1Str.
      I didnt get much use out of him though to be fair. The spirit seer and his unit spent 2 turns in their serpent then the rest of the game camping on my objective out of sight and out of reach of any of toms forces.