Sunday, 23 June 2013

Watching Man of Steel.

Just a quick one to review the latest DC cinematic offering. The Nolan Batman trilogy has set the bar pretty high so could Superman's latest offering live up to the hype?

A quick comment on the state of cinema in general before I jump into my thoughts on the movie. WIth the cost of a weekend ticket now hitting the level of £11- £15 for a decent seat it is getting to the point that it takes a really good looking movie for me to head out to the cinema rather than just wait for it to hit blu-ray and rent it from Lovefilm (my enjoyment of Ironman 3 was ruined by the conditions of the cinema I saw it in). 

Luckily I stumped up the cash for VUE's V.I.P seats so the conditions were perfect (if not the other patrons, but a topic for another time). Coming in at 2 hrs 20 mins it isn't a particularly long film but once you add in 30 mins of trailers and adds you start to feel a bit fidgety.

Things I liked:
- Seeing Superman actually beat up someone for once allowed for far more engaging and dramatic action sequences than in previous movies.
- Louis lane came across as a strong, intelligent and integral character and not just a side note/love interest/ eye candy.
- Some of the flash backs really helped tug at the heart strings and made young Clark feel like a real person not just heartless alien who doesn't understand what it means to be human.
- Getting to see just how different Kryton was from earth was a nice touch and helped the film start with some action and drama.

Things that made me go hmm:
- With out spoiling anything, there are some plot points that just don't make sense to me and could have been explained far more logically without ruining or extending the movie.
- With all the effort that went into trying to make it feel set in the real world, like the Dark Knight trilogy  some questions kept popping up. How does he shave? Why doesn't his suit rip or burn?. 
- Clark/Supes/Kal'El does a descent job of balancing these sides of himself and this is always one of the difficukt things for the writers to juggle but I felt that Clark/human side seemed to get lost a bit once he became an adult (I did like his bit about 'You thought you could threaten my Mum'). 
- I saw it in 2D and thank the lord I barely followed all the chaos going on as it was, without trying to get everything into focus every few seconds. The action became a little repetitive as I wasn't too concerned what the terrain they were fighting over was as most of it didn't last long enough for me to notice.

Overall a good origin movie but we have seen this story rather a few times now and so it felt a little like an homage to it's predecessors at times.

3.5/5 Daves 

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