Thursday, 6 June 2013

Basing models.

Just a quick one today to show that I've finally finished my Guard and to share a quick tip on putting snow on to bases. 
Finally, no more counts as! 

So I've been basing my Guard with small amounts of snow to break up the grey earth and realised that I hadn't written the process down in my painting Journal (truth be told I still haven't, oops!). So I gave it a go again and used PVA and dipped the bases in the Model Scenics snow  and then removed the excess and left to dry. This left the snow looking wet once it had dried (I know how strange). Then I realised that previously I had left the excess on the model until the PVA dried, which resulted in the top layer of snow remaining suitably white and snowy.
I always thought this was a much better way to represent the wounds on a Guard heavy weapon...
...also makes it easier to pack in the case/more versatile if you decide to swap weapon options. 
As a parting shot I was tempted in to having a listen to The Dice Tower podcast after hearing Eric Summerer on the D6G and I'm rather hooked,. It's short, has a good sense of humour and Eric is great (not so sure about Tom Vasel but I'm getting used to his idiosyncrasies). I will put a a Review of some podcasts in another post.

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