Sunday, 9 June 2013

Making Plague Drones and lists!

Last Saturday I got my hands on a box of Nurgle Plague Drones and have today finished constructing them. I thought I'd give a quick review of the kit as I was rather critical of parts of it when it was first released but have my opinions changed now that I have had time to see them first hand?
Who could resist the chance to sit in the sun and put models together?

The kit will make three Drones with the option to equip them as a champion, banner bearer and musician or as standard models. As with many of the latest GW kits you relly do need to read the instructions as there are a few fiddly bits that have to be done in a specific order if you don't want to have to pull apart/trim bits.
I was impressed with the look until I thought about awkward it'll be storing it in a case.
 Things I liked:
- The flies or drones themselves are great and with the options they give you it would be possible to have either a large unit or multiple units which all look different enough to keep them visually interesting. 
- They were surprisingly easy to clean and construct for the most part (though see below for the fiddly bits), with a lot of consideration given to how to house the majority of the length of the flying bases stem inside the body of the drone. This helps to make the model more stable, lower to the table and far less prone to breaking at the joint.
- They feel/look quite substantial once you get all the parts on and I was impressed with variation you can achieve in the position of the wings (though you'll notice all of mine are in a very similar position).
I thought the crown looked a little more impressive for a champion model.
Things that made me go hmm:
- Whilst it is great that you can achieve so much variation in the posing of the wings it would just make them so large and difficult to store that I just couldn't bring myself to do it. In addition, I just felt that the sweeping back wings made them feel more compact and helped to show off the rider.
- I left the riders as removable for two reasons. Firstly, it will make painting them easier. Secondly, I'm hoping it may make them easier to store in the case, though due to the height of the Soulgrinder it may be unnecessary, I'll have to wait and see.
- Whilst the drones have a few alternative heads and stingers to allow for variation you only get three heads and the arms are split at the wrist just like the Plaguebearer kit, creating the same issues as I had with that kit. Luckily all the parts are interchangeable with the Plaguebearer kit so once you add this in you have tons of options.
- Much like some of the parts of the Plaguebearer kit the sculptors are really pushing the limit on how thin you can make some of the components (mainly the drones claws) and I found myself having to be very careful not to break them whilst I was handling them (this could also be an issue after painting).

The design of the standard is rather nice and I just love the proboscis Plaguebearer head that mirrors the look of the drones 
Nurgle Plague Drones: 3.5/5 Daves (4.5 if you combine it with a set of Plaguebearers)

With the release of the Eldar codex I have been thinking more about all the other sets of models I've collected over the years (Ebay can be a bit addictive when you have a hobby itch) and thought I'd make a list of all the models I have hidden away. I rather surprised myself with just how many I have.

(I had put the list up here but there is a formatting problem and it keeps going outside the edges of the blog, maybe it's for the best!) 

The list doesn't even include all the bits for models that I have in my bits box or the massive unsorted box of stiff in the loft, which has a whole old Dark Eldar army in it (and there is no way I'm cataloging my bits box!). Just made me wonder what everyone else has tucked away? I'm hoping it will help me to better plan my hobby projects as I try to clear units from the Unpainted category.

Until next time, keep on gaming.


  1. saw some built ones in person recently, was impressed by the base of the stand being deep inside the model too. I do think the beasts themselves look cool, be interested to see how yours turn out when finished :)

  2. I had been intending to just use the Flies but it made it hard to identify the Champion/Banner bearer etc. Got to do some research on how to paint fly wings but hopefully they won't be too tricky to paint now they are put together.