Sunday, 24 March 2013

Attempting to quash a rogue psyker

Took a little jaunt along to tabletop yesterday with dave, will & lee.

Played a 5000 point doubles game based around the narrative of the imperium attempting to quash the last bastion of a renegade imperial standing army lead by a rogue psyker he summons backup in the form of
chaos daemons.

Warning! pic heavy.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Reading a book..

Had a couple of hours to kill in Canterbury city centre the other Saturday while waiting for the little lady, ended up picking up 'Path of the Incubus' by one Andy Chambers to kill time reading over a nutty latte.

Not so much going to review the book other than to say i did enjoy it, particularly getting a closer look at the dark city, its denizens and other goings on.
However, bearing in mind ive not picked up a black library novel since mechanicum, one thing that particularly struck me that i hadnt noticed in the older novels was the rather embarrassing amount of typos that slipped through the proof reading.
Has this been going on for a while? Or were the early HH novels equally as guilty but i just hadnt noticed?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Finishing painting jobs (sort of)

I have finally organised myself enough to sit down and finish off the Blood Angel biker helmets. Yeah I know, seriously poor effort on my part but with all the Rugby and new rules/codex to go through (not to mention actual work!) I just haven't felt in the mood to sit down and get it done until now.
Before you mention it I realise I have lots more to finish on them...

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Reading the new Daemon codex!

So with four members of the regular gaming group having a single god Daemon army this weekends release saw four of us rushing out to get our hands on the new book to be able to work out exactly how our armies have changed. Will Slaanesh still rule the roost of mono-god games? Will the new rules make an all Nurgle list possible? Let's discuss.