Monday, 18 March 2013

Reading a book..

Had a couple of hours to kill in Canterbury city centre the other Saturday while waiting for the little lady, ended up picking up 'Path of the Incubus' by one Andy Chambers to kill time reading over a nutty latte.

Not so much going to review the book other than to say i did enjoy it, particularly getting a closer look at the dark city, its denizens and other goings on.
However, bearing in mind ive not picked up a black library novel since mechanicum, one thing that particularly struck me that i hadnt noticed in the older novels was the rather embarrassing amount of typos that slipped through the proof reading.
Has this been going on for a while? Or were the early HH novels equally as guilty but i just hadnt noticed?


  1. I went as far as to write a letter to Black Library (ok an email) to point this fact out when I had suffered through three of their digital books in a row that had at least one typo in all most every chapter. Print books I can understand that once they are shipped you can't do much but apologise to the customer but digital books should be corrected! They pretty much said suck it up, was not impressed so have cut down the amount of their books I read. I refuse to pay £11.99 for a digital book just because they put three pages of comic book art work in it.

    Did just finish the Gav Thorpe Path series and found it rather fun, but then he does tend to focus on the gaps in the background rather than rehashing old themes so it was probably to be expected. Can lend them to you if you haven't read them.

    1. 'suck it up' is a pretty poor show from the sellers of a product they want you to continue purchasing.

      im now reading masque of vyle (picked it up the same day) and will be keeping a keener eye out. i too shall be tempted to write a strongly worded letter if its equally as sloppy.
      I dont have any qualms about paying £12.99 for a 'premium' product. but if said 'premium' product is classed as 'premium' purely because its hardback but it also happens to be a proofreading nightmare thats just not on.
      i must admit though, im only 1 chapter in and im now eyeing up the harlequins units for my dark eldar. clearly ive misunderstood them for too long!

    2. The Quins were really well done in Gav's third book and also made me want to get some to.add to the very small amount of pointy-eared space elves I have knocking around.