Monday, 12 December 2016

Making things fit!

Just an image to show that my Butchers are ready to travel! 
And I only had to make two small cuts to the foam for Boar to fit.
Now all I need to do is print out the new season three cards!

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Finishing off two skirmish games!

Quick image dump for my finished models for Dark age and Guildball (though I do need to pick up Veteran Brisket at some point from Dark Sphere, I guess they will hold on to it for a while?)

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

More upgrades for CCoA!

Just a quick image of another set of upgrades for Car Cults of the Apocalypse!

Joining BGG!

Yeah, so I broke and decided to create an Account and add my game list to Board Game Geek, but I do have a good reason! I have set myself a few challenges for the next year.

Challenge 1 - To play every game I own at least once over the course of the year! Then if I haven't played it I have a good long think about whether I really need to keep it.

Challenge 2 - Rate each of the games after I pay them to give me a list of my favourite games. The reasoning behind this is that I often forget I have played a game or how much fun I had and was wondering if having a list like this might help me organise my games days in 2017 bit better (Tail Feathers/Ashes/Dark Moon I'm looking at you!).

Challenge 3 - create a list of games I want to get to help me plan my purchases better and avoid the over excited purchasing I seem to get into then not play that game for ages (Tail Feathers/Ashes/Dark Moon I'm looking at you!).

Here is a link to my list if you wanted to laugh at my initial ratings for the games I can remember playing recently. And no I won't be adding games I have played but don't own, that feels too much like having a second job (Though I do like the idea of making an ELF account that we can all add too...?).

See you soon at CrimboCon!