Thursday, 8 December 2016

Finishing off two skirmish games!

Quick image dump for my finished models for Dark age and Guildball (though I do need to pick up Veteran Brisket at some point from Dark Sphere, I guess they will hold on to it for a while?)

First up Dark Age. My Ice caste have come out a lot better than I had expected.
Yep I have two big guys and 6 little fellas!

Soul Warden and three Shard Slaves who lay down mines.
Ice elementals made of tinted resin! So easy to paint, just a little gloss varnish to make them a bit more transparent.

Then my finished Guildball Butchers models:
I spent a bit longer on these ones than the others but will go back and improve the rest of the team at some point.

Boar turned out to be one of my favourite models to paint in quite a while

My only problem now is trying to store Shank without the chains bending/breaking...
Next up is a Horde of Red Goblins for Kings Of War, followed by the beginnings of a Nightmare army.

UPDATE for Will:
Key - 
NGW=New GW Paint in production
OGW=Old GW Paint out of production, 
Val= Vallejo, 
AP=Army Painter
* Painted as a Glaze (thinned paint, lots of layers)

Dragyri skin - Black undercoat, Astronomicon Grey (OGW), Quickshade Strongtone (AP), Astronomicon Grey*, Wolf Grey (Val)* 

Guildball skin - Black Undercoat, Ratskin Flesh (NGW), Cadian Fleshtone (NGW)*, Quickshade Strongtone (thinned), Cadian Fleshtone*, Elf Flesh (OGW)*


  1. look brilliant. Can you let me have the process for your human and dragryi skin?

    1. Updated for you to include the painting method!

  2. looking very good! really like those ice caste. and the butchers are tip top.