Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Reading the FAQs

New FAQs are up,

not looked at everything yet, but heres a few bits and bobs that piqued my interest:

1) Dark Eldar Reavers.
Reaver bladebane attacks now operate the same way as tzeentch screamers. allocating hits treating the final position of the reavers as the direction of the attack. Finally! Randomising it never made ANY sense.

2) Valkyrie/Vendetta
Valkyries and vendettas have had scout removed. Does this mean they now cant outflank? Curious.

3) Fantasy Battle Overruns.
In the previous BRB FAQ for fantasy, they stated if a unit wins combat against daemons or undead and the daemon/undead unit lost its remaining models from instability, the unit that won combat couldnt perform an overrun. I liked this and was looking forward to taking advantage of it sometime. Except theyve done a 180 in the new FAQ and now the winning unit CAN overrun. Weird.

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  1. I am starting to think that GW is going to have to release a new 6.1 rulebook to incorporate all the additional information/rules U turns as at the moment it is pretty ridiculous to charge £45 for a rulebook that you know is full of holes/errors and expect people to then print off a 10 page FAQ to make their game work. I mean come on it hasn't even been out a year. They could always release a digital version with all the fixes.

    I guess my problem is that the FAQ isn't just clarifying rules any more back actually changing whole sections of a rule which should be done with a re printed book.