Sunday, 15 September 2013

Trying to paint infinity

I've been trying to get back and finish and/or start some of my infinity minis painted and im finding it a bit difficult so far.

Taking a step back and pondering it made me realise how much my painting technique has been shaped by the exaggerated style of the GW minis that lend themselves to the 'easy' techniques of washes and drybrushing. Infinity minis are a lot more realistically proportioned and dont have as much depth to the sculpts, theyve have a lot more sleekness and smooth lines. I'd say its almost as if its like im learning to paint on canvas when ive been used to painting sculpture previously.

Not that thats a bad thing, its a new challenge. Just means its taking me longer and the end result isnt looking as good right now.

Anyhoo, heres what ive got:


  1. I find trying to paint any new models a bit of a learning curve and twice as problematic when there is a change of scale on the models. It's also hard to photo models and get a realistic representation of the highlighting etc (my Blood Angels never look right to me when I photo them).

    Thinking of painting up a Dread ball team quickly and stopped once I saw how small they were as I was just going to White spray and Yellow ink them.

    1. yeah, i guess it would be a similar problem, without those deep recesses the wash just makes it look a bit dirty and patchy. i picked up my brush the other night (while infinite crisis was in down time, ruh roh!) and got a bit done on some of my other aleph guys, im using a watered down black wash as a guide coat over a white undercoat, but on top of that im actually painting all the colour on, and theyre looking better than the first couple of minis. which is good.

    2. My latest experiments with painting techniques involve really thinned paint used as lots of light almost washes to build up more narural changes in hue and tone.