Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tip toeing back to the painting bureau and delving into the Horus Heresy!

So it has been a while since I have done any painting due to all the Christmas fun and School work. I had hoped to be modelling and painting my Megarachnids but due to Wayland games terrible service I'm still waiting for it to be even posted after a week and a half. So I got on with building up the yellow on my Blood Angel Bikers.
Yeah I know it's not impressive but these things take time!
So it takes me around 6-8 different colour mixes and multiple thinned layers of each colour to get the shade of yellow I like for the assault marines so this is going to go on for a while. I have considered trying the new GW paints as they are designed to combo up, but it's a bit too much of a risk that the colours will look too different for the units to work in the same army.
I am really loving this soap it is keeping my brushes better than new (is that possible?)
This has given me the opportunity to listen to the new Horus Heresy Audio Drama from Mr Swallow. It is Garro: Sword of Truth and is the first 2 disc audio one I have listened to.

Plot: Unfortunately it's classic Swallow so no extra points for guessing the plot before you even get half way through. Also I have a problem with the order they are releasing these dramas in as this is set well before one of the previous dramas adding to the problem of already knowing who can't die. It's over two hours long you'd think that he could come up with a really interesting series of events but the first twenty minutes is just recapping  previous events in the heresy.

Characters: Well it has Garro and that's all you really need to know to avoid putting the plot together for yourself if you've listened to any of the others. I have to admit I have a special exception towards the poor writing of Swallow when it comes to Garro as he has been a particular mystery of the Heresy for decades and I really hope he has a key role in the story and I'm not just getting suckered in to spending money on a dead end (yes, naive I know). 

Summary: fine listening material for painting but not going to set anyones world alight, especially if you've alredy listened to the later drama. 2.5/5

I've also just finished Angel Exterminatus, God awful book that should have been far shorter and broken into multiple parts (the only good thing was being able to get into the mindset of Perturabo), Promethean Sun, interesting insight into Vulkan's character and helped it was short and contected to another short story/novella about Ferrus Manus and finally Aurelian, a fantastic novella that fills all the gaps and strange bits in The First Heretic.

Lastly I have used the recent remove of the Christmas decorations to reorganise the furniture and now have some of my models on display in the office/hobby room:

My two favourite large models
there is something really nice about having your favourite models and reminders of past fun to help motivate you to get on with your projects.

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  1. lookin nice, im pretty sure yellow is only beat by white as the worst colour to paint with. Even then its still pretty close.