Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Recently toddled along to tabletop nation to observe a couple of 'first tries' of Infinity.
Read on for first impressions and a few pics!

Watched 3 games played in a few hours, first impressions are it looks very interesting. The ARO system means you genuinely are constantly involved for the whole game, although i do get the feeling the better players will be spending their turns setting up chances for ARO reactions in their opponents turn, im not saying thats a bad thing at all, but i can foresee some very cagey games between two good players as they both attempt to set up firing lanes without straying into one of their opponents lanes. But as i alluded to, the games i watched all moved at a fair pace (apart from looking up rules, particularly in the first game) and were over in probably 30-60 minutes.

The minis look very nice (and are metal! wha?)
The boards look very different as its vital to have lots and lots of terrain with multiple levels (even more so than necromunda)

So yeah, im looking forward to taking part in a game some time.


  1. I have to admit that I have been interested by all the coverage that it has received over the last few months but I think I'm in the minority as I don't find the aesthetic of the models appealing. the background is fine (doesn't thrill me) but I'd happily play it if someone had a few gangs/warbands/armies and wanted to through down.

    1. I can totally understand that, its overall design aesthetic is certainly from a very different place than most of the games we play an enjoy.
      I'll keep you posted when we have other get togethers.
      I have picked up my first couple of minis, unsurprisingly i went with the faction controlled by the super AI made up of lots of robots and synthetic people (yaaay, roboooots!) and i think my mate rich has already started a second faction as well, so we should have plenty of scope for letting people interested try it out.