Saturday, 19 January 2013

gaming in a winter wonderland!

Sop it's been nearly a month since we had a Friday Night Gaming at E.L.F and that just won't do! So with that in mind I decided that it would be best to organise it on one of the days of the year when all of Britain goes bat-sh*t-crazy over a bit of snow! that didn't stop us so we cracked out some of our favourite games for a snowy treat.

No your eyes do not deceive you, it is Shadows over Camelot!
So the first game we broke out was Shadows Over Camelot, the first game I ever bought for Will! I really love this game as it is so well designed. For those that don't know this classic it is a co-op game (with a possible traitor) where you take the role of a Knight of the round table and complete quests to gain white swords or if you fail the game generates black swords. I have a particular love for King Arthur (who I played) as he can really help other players by being able to swap a card each turn. Despite some minor rules misinterpretations we managed to eek out a win 7 white swords to 6 black, with three of us teaming up to slay a dragon! What I find so clever is that it tricks you into thinking you have it in the bag and then the tension ramps as you see the siege engines mount up outside Camelot, Saxons and PIcts invading Albion's shores and enemies galore springing up to ruin your day!

This was most definitely NOT a winning ship
After our great team work we needed to have an opportunity to  really stick it to each other so we cracked out Galaxy trucker. We played the hard setting, so all the uninsurable ships (no maximum you can lose due to destroyed parts of the ship) and the Rough Road cards that add a crazy rule. The first rule that came out of the rough road was that any crew you lost caused you to have to pay 3 credits, leading to Nic, Rob and I being heavily in debt after the first round (Nic ended the first round with something that looked more like a bullet than a space ship as it consisted of three tiles in a line!). Second round saw any components that fell off hitting the players behind, whilst the final round had the ships flying backwards when the open space card came out, causing me ti be completely bum fiddled by multiple Pirates which I would have slapped silly if I was facing the right way around! Will took it by a country mile with me just scrapping past Nic in the final round to come in third with a profit of 11 credits despite being at -1 at the start of round three. I am defiantly getting the new expansion.

40k doubles baby!
Saturday saw us break out the 40k with some doubles practice. First up was Will and I (Dark Angels & Guard) vs Rob and Nic (Orks and Tau). It was a Kill points mission out of the event pack meaning that we were treating all terrain as having an additional rule from the Mysterious rivers or firsts table. The opening turns saw Will  and I take an early lead with the Dark angels punishing the Xenos armies tightly packed formations (I'm looking at you fire warriors!). Then this happened:
Zagstruk struck!
With a potentially lethal unit of mental orks in the middle of our army and Nic's Broad sides finally packing live rounds the xenos army started to pull back some kill points. by the time the fifth turn rolled around and the dust settled there was only a pair of Broadsides facing the Master of the Ravenwing and some bruised looking Guard units. Final score:
Imaperials in black Xenos Blue
Only three points in it with one of them being First Blood! It was a really enjoyable game and really showed off the doubles format. Next game was a three objective game that saw the Guard (me) and the Orks (Rob) take on the Marine Bikes (Nic) and the Necrons (Will). Despite what looked like it should be a simple case of point, shoot, punch, win for myself and Rob it turned out to be a really close game. The first few turns saw Will's Necrons take a punch or two to the Res Orbs (15 bot warrior squad lost in one round of shooting from a Dakka jet) but once Will's Destroyer Lord hit Combat he just kept tying up and slicing up units whilst getting his face punched in and getting up again (Three times damn it, three times!). But for some very lucky rolling for my unit holding the objective in our deployment zone and Rob's unit of Orks that saved 70+ % of their 5+ cover saves (the same unit that rolled  1&1, 1&1, 1&2, 1&1 for their difficult terrain rolls for turns 2-5!) we would have lost a game that looked like a cake walk! in the end it was a draw one objective each and everyone seemed to learn a lesson about the not giving up on a lost cause!

Thanks again to the guys for coming over on what must have been a real sack-ache of a journey but I had a great time!

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