Monday, 14 January 2013

playing some doubles games: game 2

After a break for luncheon, we swapped the teams up and had another game.
This time myself and Tom's Space Marine crusade lists got a run out, making for a proper heresy-fest!

The teams were Daves Dark Angels, paired with my Emperors Children, against Petes Grey Knights and Toms Iron Warriors.
We rolled up the draw game (1 objective each) with the diagonal set-up. Myself and Dave chose to set up second.

My tactical squad set up shop on our objective in a ruin to our left flank, the deathwing, predator, dark angels tactical squad and my rhino set up in somewhat of a blob in the centre of our lines facing across from Tom and Petes whole army practically in a line pushed as far forward as they could along the edge of their deployment zone. The ravenwing and my assault squad with eidolon started in reserve.
The game started and we managed to seize. Nice!

Our central units shuffled around some what to obtain firing lines, my predator failed to make a dent on toms predator, the deathwing started well, felling one of the Iron Warrior Cataphractii to mere stormbolter fire.

My screening rhino was wrecked by incoming fire and not much else happened.

Turn 2 the Ravenwing and assault marines arrived and hopped into the forest on our right flank, ready to threaten the tactical squad babysitting Tom and Petes objective.
The predator took two wounds off of the dreadknight, the deathwing fortunately killed another cataphractii, what were they playing at? Had they all taken their helmets off?
Toms assault marines advanced towards Eidolon and his unit, opening fire along with the tactical squad, downing eidolon despite his invulnerable save along with another assault marine. The predator downed 2 ravenwing, this flank push was starting to crumble!
Meanwhile Petes grey knights were steadily advancing towards our objective, causing us to pull back the Dark Angels tactical squad to back them up.

Much carnage occurred over the next few turns, the catapractii were wiped out by the Deathwing who had only suffered a single casualty so far, clearly there was a reason cataphract armour was decommissioned!
The assault squad were ground down by the tactical squads lone-survivor, an axe-wielding sergeant, he won out in a challenge against the assault sergeant and cut down the remaining fleeing marines!
The tactical squad were taken out by  petes combined forces, the Dark Angel backup couldnt save them, allowing the terminators to advance onto the objective unscathed, they would prove to be too difficult to shift, the game was called during turn 6, despite the iron warriors being wiped out completely, there simply were not enough of the Dark Angels and Emperors Children forces left standing to affect the outcome against the still standing dreadknight and terminators.

Victory to the Grey Knights and Iron Warriors!

A good day was had by all and its got me itching to get the rest of my units finished.


  1. I think the more I see of 6th Ed the more I think that Terminators have finely gone back up to the top of the pile of must have units. You really need to have the right tool to take them out.

    1. very much so, terminators had definitely lost their sheen of invincibility for a couple of editions, but they definitely seem tough to shift again. Which is especially welcome for the couple of codexes that can field them as troops now.

    2. If you have access to them, even if not Troops, they seem to be hard to turn down. Maybe Sanguinary Guard are slightly better but without the 5+ Inv they will suffer a bit more from plasma.