Saturday, 26 January 2013

Playing some 40k

Right just had a game, my iron warriors vs nics bike army. We tried out a list I had come up with for the Dark Angels ravenwing.
All I can say is, ouch, I handed in the towel at the start of turn 2. Nic pretty much tabled me without many losses.

Nic's list was;
Sammael on corvex
2 units of 3 ravenwing knights
3 units of 6 ravenwing with power weapon and 2 plasmaguns and attack bike with multimelta
1 land speeder with 2 heavy flames
1 nephilim fighter

Once we had finished we reworked it to drop the fighter and replace it with 2 units of 5 marines with missile launchers and flak missiles for anti air as the fighter was really unimpressive.
My list was my standard cam, lord on bike 3 units of marines, 2 obliterators, 2 heldrakes, 2 maulerfiends.

The scout moves really did Nic a service as he was in striking range for all units before turn one (we were playing purge the alien, kill points)

I'm really proud of the list actually as it seems really solid and capable, despite the total beating I received.

Sorry about the lack of pictures we only thought of it part way through the game.

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  1. That sounds pretty comprehensive. I think id quite like to give that bike list a game though.
    Dark angels does seem to offer a much better fit for the army nic wanted to build than C:SM did.

    I still have yet to properly sit down with the DA book yet, but it seems to me that it is quite a solid book, i think the criticisms are fair, its shoddily written and there isnt much inspiring in there, but it does what it does well.