Monday, 28 April 2014

Mulling over the weekly release schedule

Having seen the new Wood Elf models this weekend (like the basic treeman, not sure about the other two and not sold on the wardancer sculpts at all) I starting thimking about how impressed I have been with GW's use of the weekly release schedule to avoid having those lulls in my interest for their games. Rather than have effectively a whole month or two of stale releases they can now ship out things like the Wood Elves over two weeks and avoid bad sales weekends (like Easter weekend) by releasing a set of tools without dropping a whole month on it. I will hold my hand up and say I was sceptical when I first heard about the weekly White Dwarf but congrats to GW for using it to create a far more dynamic way of selling thier products.

PS I was thinking that the special character Treeman could be converted into a pretty cool looking Avatar for my eventual Eldar army!


  1. Cant disagree with that. and i must say im quite impressed with that treeman kit. id quite like to get my hands on the sprues to see how sturdy all those tiny little branches and leaves look.

  2. oops, pressed enter before id finished.

    Also in reference to the treeman kit.
    A) i get quite a strong swamp thing vibe off of it, which is cool. as swamp thing is badass.
    B) is it just me or would the kit make a good alternative wraithknight for an eldar exodite themed army?
    or, yeah, an avatar too :)

  3. Hadn't thought about the Wraithknight as I was distracted by the craggy armour. I think they needed to move away from the Ent/living tree concept and more towards the possed/golem type of creatures.

    I think there would be lots of breakage of the fiddly bits if the plastic is the same quality as the Ogre kits I've been using lately.

    1. That would be my worry. i wouldnt trust putting it in any hard foam.
      Using it as a wraithknight might be awkward as i think its a good 3" shorter than the proper model.

    2. If you stood it up it may not be so bad but then you'd have a very deep tray. I was going to cut all the littke branches off anyway so think it could work. I'll have to pop to a store next weekend and see one 'in the grey'.