Monday, 21 April 2014

Mulling over modelling motivations!

Having taken advantage of the Easter break to clear a few of my miniature projects off the desk and into the cabinet or figure case (quite the cathartic exercise needed for the Spring Cleaning time of year) I came to a realisation: I've become a bit of a lazy modeller.
This struck me when I was pondering how to represent my new Astra Militarum Priests and had the model I had previously use for Marbo now staring at me with no use in my current list thanks to being painted a completely different colour scheme to make him stand out from the other Sergeant models. My first thought was to just grab another Sergeant and paint him up in the quick and easy black scheme and use them as Imperial Operatives. This seems sensible given already had a finished model and the other would take less than two hours to paint (including crying time!). 

Sadly, and as it turned out luckily, I didn't have any spare Sergeants for my Kasrkin leaving me needing to either convert or buy priest models. Given that I had an urge to get these models finished and added to the army asap I discounted buying the hard to get and slightly expensive GW priest moles in favour of using the parts from the Empire Flagellants I had left over from a few years ago when I made Mechanicus pit slaves.

No huge surprises here as they appeared in one of this weeks posts but I came to realise that I would never had considered buying the £16 box set rather than the £14.40 plus postage for duplicate metal priests from GW (webstore exclusives) just to make two models. I did also have to really hunt to find the las pistol arm as well, left over from a vehicle kit, thus the reason why the scythe carrier has a holster. Otherwise I'd have had to buy a unit of Guard just for las pistol arms. 

I realised that over the years I'd reached a point where I stopped justifying the purchasing of box sets for kit bashing purposes and wondered why that was? Had GW kits become so specific and comprehensive that I had fallen out of the habit? I wondered if the price changes really had pushed me to a point where I thought it seemed unreasonable or have I become so spoilt for choice with how to spend my spare gaming cash? A good example of this was made when having a chat with  the owner of a lovely games store in Reading on Saturday (Eclectic Games) who described his competition not as other games stores but anything people spend their entertainment money on (Cinema, pubs, DVDs etc).

So here was what I've been mulling over for a while: How do you compare value in the different things you spend your entertainment money on?

I'll happily spend £30-40 on a meal out or drinks with friends yet procrastinate over buying a few boxes of models I'll possibly have for decades. I'm looking to buy a Lieutenant pack for Descent at £7-8 but thought the Priest models some how a bit on the dear side. Do you have any funny imbalances in your perception of value when it comes to gaming?

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