Monday, 16 June 2014

Mulling over gamer kleptomania!

So first a quick correction, it's not really about kleptomainia but the need to be a completest. Kleptomainia just ryhmed so well!

I was thinking about the way gamers always seem to 'need' to buy the next or latest thing and just have to keep hold of things for the sake of completism and it made me wonder why?

Over the weekend I took the time to go through my piles of books and games/audio cds to see what I could get for them as trade-ins on Amazon etc. Overall I netted around £130 all told for stuff which was just taking up room but it was hard to break up collections until I stopped to think of when was the last time I even considered using the stuff.

My most obvious completest projects were Descent 1st edition and 40k codices. Both of which I have cracked down on over the years and now have a far odder complusion. The need to have all the board games I hear about being good. It seems odd, I know, but to me it's the same problem. I see all these games and I really want to own them, even if I have access to a copy at someone else's place! It's almost as if I just want to look at all the games in the cupboard and bask in the glory of all the potential gaming fun!

So what's your gaming completest itch?


  1. I collect so I can take part in games this big:

    4 players a side, 12,000pts a side, 24,000pts on the table.

    And was nice to play such a big game where all but 3/4 models were painted

    Lining your army up 'post batrep' white dwarf style is also way more rewarding than it should be, a lot like you said about basking in the glory of your collection.

  2. Im not sure id say i have a completionist itch. My problem is that i can never play one army/deck/list over and over with minor tweaks. I tend to get bored and want to change it up completely from game to game which means having to have a much bigger collection.