Sunday, 30 August 2015

Playing games on a Saturday Part 2

After a little break we broke out a new purchase, Spectre Ops:
The board is a grid which the Agent will secretly use to move around the board.
The Agent uses this sheet to mark their movement, in my case I was using Blue Jay who can activate objectives from two spaces away and create a decoy once per game to make the Hunters think they have seen her. Rob had the Beast (Werewolf) and the Puppet (Android) giving him a quick, meaty hunter and one which allows him to move his car remotely which is really useful.
I won the first game by the skin of my teeth as I had unlocked all three objectives without Rob ever seeing me but he then cornered me and but for an unlucky roll to wound Rob would have taken away my last wound just as I was one more turn from victory.
The second game went very differently as Rob was revealed very early and started to take wounds as I thought it might end in a really quick game but he gave me the slip and it took me too long to work out where he was so he got all three objectives before I could corner him near the exit and put his Agent down. Again a very close game.
I really like Spectre Ops and think it will really shine at one Agent player and three Hunter players as the Hunters will probably start to bicker a bit mid game which should be amusing. I'll do a full review once I've tried it out.

Then came some Crokinole with Rob and Amanda, the honours were fairly evenly shared and as always we continue to make up house rules.
Finally some Sushi Go! We introduced Amanda to this and as you can see from the score card she beat us both both each time! I think I may be required to buy a copy as Amanda really enjoyed it.


  1. Spectre ops has been on my radar for a bit, looks good!

  2. Nice writeup! Didn't know you had a crokinole board, looking forward to trying it :D

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