Thursday, 6 August 2015

Painting Ogres Part 2A

It turns out that I'm even slow at painting models simple base colours! Thus I realised yesterday that I wasn't going to finish by Friday (I seem to keep developing a pain in my right shoulder blade if I start painting sat in the wrong position which hasn't helped!). Still I have made some progress so here it is.
 I found from painting my Guard army that the skin worked best if I gave it some highlights before it was Quick Shaded so I had to take a while to get it as even as I can. 

A before and after of the Pallid Wych Flesh highlight. 
 As I was painting the skin highlights I realised that my army was going to be a lot colder and eviler than I had at first thought so the other colours will need to be warmer to bring it more back to the 'haven't sen the light cause we live in caves, but we aren't evil' look I would like at the end.
Current progress across the army (sad Goblins are getting painted last as the will be mainly brown with red and green bits)
I plan on put a few extra stages into the characters help make them stand out (obviously not there yet)
It is odd how much faith you have to have with the final outcome when painting as I currently feel very unconfident that the models will look good enough once they have been shaded. 

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