Monday, 3 August 2015

Constructing Goblins!

A quick post to show what I spent today doing. Putting together Goblins for my Ogre army:
Sorry that they are all black but I inly just undercoated them

It may be hard to see but I used the rock bases from my Plague Beasts I bought for my Nurgle Army as I couldn't get more than one box of 20 Goblins from Dark Sphere last week. As it turns out I'm really happy with the result as they are far more interesting with the extra parts from the scrap launcher added into the unit! I'll be painting them up separately but glueing them all down to the movement tray afterwards to make playing and storage easier.
They all ranked up nicely once I shaved some of the bases.

It looks dramatic but if you look at it there isn't actually any mechanism to propel the scrap!
I think this is my favourite as the crossbow is resting on a chest.
This one was a little lazy but lined up behind the crossbow it works quite well.

I also managed to watch all 25 episodes of Attack on Titan whilst putting them together. I thought it was really well paced and the twists were well done (it helps when you know nothing about the show to avoid spoilers or guessing!).

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