Thursday, 23 July 2015

Pondering Role-play games

Having had a very positive discussion regarding playing an RPG (hopefully the FFG Zombie End of The World game!) I thought I post up a quick message to say that anyone who was interested in RPGs should a have a look at Pathfinder: Adventure card game. I played a few games of it on Monday and really enjoyed the balance between a role-play game where you can level up and develop your own take on a character whilst having a structure to your games without the need for a opponent player to beat. Whilst it is not as cheap as a standard role-play game might seem if you are just buying books the cards and art work help people like me, who need a little more than just imagination, to really jump into the world and start swinging those frost-giant swords!
This is the character I chose, along with the Juggernaught class! I liked the game so much I bought my own set of  silver and green polyhedral dice to play with!


  1. Did try this out a year or so back, I thought it felt more like a deck building game than it did an RPG. But it is still at least somewhere in the middle and I did find it an enjoyable experience. As you say, though, not quite as cheap as 20 bucks for a sourcebook and a few notepads and pencils :)

    1. I felt that comparison at first but as you use the cards as wounds and very rarely shuffle cards back into your deck you have to be very careful about discarding cards or taking damage from monsters otherwise your character dies and you have to generate a new one (which feels very RPG-y).