Saturday, 11 July 2015

Age of Sigma - Excited

Every time one of my YouTube subscriptions has an AOS video I cant wait to watch it. I have been chatting to Dave and reading your Blogs and I am really intrigued to try it out. My only concern was where to start? With what I agree with as an imbalance of points I was thinking of what would Dave suggest as he would probably be the one I play it with most; what would he think of to balance the points? However after watching this (AOS talk starts from about the 1hr mark) I realise that I shouldn't be looking at any of the old Warhammer stuff to play unless I already own it.
Talk is, the factions are getting a review and this would also sort out some trademark issues and bring in new models and factions into play. This could sort the points balance/lack of points out.
But, lack of points doesn't seem to be the only issue. Miniwargaming showed this intro game and the original issues of, 'it becomes a huge squash and bash-fest' arise.
I am really undecided. I definitely want to play some games and I know of a few people getting rid of some cheap models or I can borrow some.
I REALLY like the Sigmar models, but am I behaving like a 12 year old boy that wants to collect Space Marines for their first army because they look cool and am I not using my imagination enough?

Summer holidays soon so will get some games in and I might be tempted to buy the started set.

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  1. I think with the way the rules work and the models in the set (and the stand alone stormcast eternal minis), that all gives a pretty good indication of where i see the game heading.
    The system would work a lot better with 30-40 slightly larger scale models (a la the stormcasts) per side, compared to having reams of 20mm base guys that were formerly ranked up in massive units. Add a monster or 2 and youre set. that should eliminate some of the issues regarding combat being a drag.

    Also, having played 2 games of it using a pre-game chat to decide upon what we field, im vaguely curious to try the rulebook army creation method, where you both just keep setting stuff up until you decide youre done. The 'gamer' in me can see that ending horrifically, but alternatively, if both parties try and take their gamer hats off, maybe it could work.