Friday, 7 August 2015

Painting Ogres Part 3

As predicted I haven't finished the Ogres by today (distractions such as series one of Gotham haven't helped, though they are enjoyable). Here is how far I have got.
I managed to get the horns, teeth, bone and fur done.

Any suggestions for how to paint a vulture?
I'm feeling a lot better about the monsters now they have fur.
Yeah I know the complexion and hair make them look a bit gingery
Next up is the dark brown leather for the straps and then I think I'll do the cloth red to link th Goblins and Ogres.


  1. theyre coming along nicely. i do think theres something very cool about seeing a fully painted army of blocks of units. that was something fantasy definitely had over 40k.

    1. I have just about hit my limit with the number of models I can paint all in one go. I can see why the barrier to entry for WFB was so off putting for anyone interested in painting for pleasure rather than just to have them done. That said large blocks of guys/gals is very impressive on the table.

    2. in terms of KoW, what points total are you aiming for? i started movement traying my likely units up and think i can hit 2k pretty comfortably.

    3. My army is exactly 2k so that I can expand with a giant and some allies.