Saturday, 29 August 2015

Playing games on a Saturday Part 1

Rob and I have been going through Mice and Mystics chapters 7 and 8. We were playing a party made up of Colin, Filch, Lily and Tilda. 

A really fun Chapter that expands randomly like Descent first edition used to.
At this point we were feeling super cocky
We had chapter 7 over a barrel with only a couple of roaches left to kill with three spare pages left before we managed to get super greedy and try to level up and search rather than just finish meaning that we triggered both the win and lose criteria with the last attack! We called it a win but we had to lose all the equipment and skills we had achieved.

From a quick small chapter to a large one! We had to travel through the entire castle to save the King!
Chapter 8 saw us taking our mission a lot more seriously so we made sure that we collected every special item we could as the game progressed and this was the chapter where all your achievements from the early games could help you out so when we hit what felt like half way because we had the Miz Maggie ally from Chapter 3 we get her help to sneak into the King's chamber  rather than have to fight our way in through two more tiles! Unfortunately we hadn't claimed Vinestra's hair brush previously so couldn't transform the king and sneak him out but we did manage to cure him so at least we completed the chapter. 

A quick break then off to play more games.

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