Friday, 14 August 2015

I'm back

Well after a small hiatus, I am back for a bit. It turns out a small child really does turn your life upside down.
Hopefully I will see some of you guys at the bbq tomorrow but for those who won't be there and for those who will and want a head start I have a weird question.

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in an ongoing project which may well be coming to an exciting head in the next few months.
So as well seasoned players of all sorts of games what do you want from a games shop/gaming venue?

Obviously there are the givens of accessibility, knowledgeable friendly but not pushy staff and cool toys but ....

Is it that we just want cheep product? Or do you want somewhere to play? Does food and drink in a venue matter to you guys? How big is right? Intimate with 10 tables or huge with 100 tables?


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  1. It is an interesting question as I have found (much like Will) that due to not living close to each other it is easier to play at peoples houses if I'm travelling as there isn't a closing time or cost of playing or restriction on the games you have on you. That said if I lived close to people I feel I would happily play miniature wargames as the set up of terrain and tables can be a real pain in terms of time so you can rock up play and bounce. I like the idea of a games library where you can try out a game then get a discount/buy the game. Under table storage is cool, as well as a small additional space for reserved models/ dead piles.

    The big thing for me is having prices on everything and clear signage inshore about what can be ordered in even if it isn't there as some times you are just browsing but don't want to keep asking questions. A example is Dark Sphere as they can order in loads of Battlefoam, Ultimate guard etc but in store you wouldn't know it unless you asked.

    I'm sure I could generate more but I'll leave it there for now.