Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Ogre painting part 1a (Update)

With my Goblins undercoated I have embarked upon my four day challenge to get the whole army painted by Friday night! Where to start was a hard choice but I thought it best to go with the metal first as there was no clear single colour across the army and I still need to work out cloth colours extra once I have the skin on. Plus it always seems easier to touch up metal areas later on. I'll update again a few hours!

Update - well it turns out that trying to paint neatly is takes a lot longer than you think! I haven't finished al the ogres skin first colour yet but I wanted to try a more Dark Eldar type of skin tone before I quick shade it (think greyish skin). I will have to go over the Rakarth Flesh again with Pallid Witch Flesh but hopefully it will come out alright.
Only twelve left to do but will have to wait for tomorrow as it's cinema night. 
I was thinking of dark brown for the straps, light brown for the beasts and furs but still can't think of what to do with the cloth.

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